John Droz Jr.

The Relentless Attack on America
Yet another way critical thinking is being undermined

John Droz jr.
Aug 20

To maximize our chances of genuinely solve any major societal problem, we need to have a big picture understanding of what is going on. Let’s try this…

America was founded on the profoundly important principle that the government should be: of the people, by the people, and for the people. But that is currently not even remotely the case!

Instead we have a government run by special interests, for special interests. This radical departure, of course, is not acknowledged. Instead the government (and their beneficiaries) goes to great lengths to pretend that citizens are in control of the government (e.g., via so-called honest elections), and that government policies are still about doing what is in the best interests of citizens. Both are provably false.

As horrific as the COVID-19 matter is (some one million Americans dead — most unnecessary), the silver lining may be that it finally rips the scab off this charade.

Basically, here is our current situation…

Various government factions have knowingly lied to the public regarding a wide variety of major technical matters ranging from climate change to COVID.

They know they can get away with smoke and mirrors, as the public is technically challenged — so most people will not be aware that they are being misled.

The ignorance of the citizenry is no accident, as anti-Americans have worked for years to undermine what had been our reasonably competent education system.

Eroding Science education is the primary target of these special-interest parties, as our modern society is almost entirely based on Science.

To appreciate the extraordinary lengths these saboteurs have gone, and the extreme precariousness of our current position, we need to grasp what they are doing to Science.

Scientist Dr. Carl Sagan famously (and accurately) said: “We live in a society dependent on Science — in which hardly anyone knows anything about Science!”

Over thousands of years we have worked out a methodology for discovering the technical truths of our universe — which is what the field of Science is all about. The short, on-point definition of Science is: Science is a Process.

The understanding that Science is a Process is critically important for our evaluating government policies that are supposedly based on Science. The question always is: did they follow the Process?

What is the Process? The short answer is: the Scientific Method. The Scientific Method is a step-by-step problem-solving method (process), and is the heart of Science.

Believe it or not, the roots of the Scientific Method go back some 4000 years — e.g., see here, here, and here!

It may not be readily apparent, but anti-Americans literally hate Science. The reason is that Science is a gatekeeper that exposes the nonsense of their self-serving political proposals (COVID, climate, wind energy, etc.).

A superior example of their effort is to look at what is transpiring in our education system. Their long-range strategy is that if they can produce academic graduates who have a distorted understanding of Science, then in short order, the citizenry will also reflect that corruption. In that way, the gatekeeper will have been effectively dealt with.

So how is this happening? The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are  marketed to be state-of-the-art, PreK-thru-12 Science Standards. To put their influence into perspective, they have been fully or mostly implemented by some 44 US states!

The question is: do the NGSS promote real Science and Critical Thinking?

Astoundingly, the short answers are: No and Hell No!

Another profound matter snuck into the NGSS is that the powers-that-be have now lumped Engineers in with Scientists.  The reality is that Science and Engineering are both worthy — but very different — fields.

The bottom line is that US Pre-K thru 12 students are not being taught genuine Science or to be Critical Thinkers. Instead they are being purposefully propagandized to buy into unscientific agendas. This allows lobbyists to dictate government policies that are contrary to the interest of citizens or the country.

See a more detailed explanation here.

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