Take Action

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You can also:

  • Pray for us, our country, and our world.

  • Get involved in your local politics—from the school board to the city council and county commissioners.

  • Email your state and federal representatives to explain your concerns.

  • Write articles or letters to the editor of your newspaper.

  • Vote, and help get out the vote among your friends, family, the military and the elderly.

  • Help with efforts to recall corrupt politicians.

  • Fly the American Flag.

  • Do everything possible to make yourself and your loved ones self-sufficient. Plant a vegetable garden. Raise a few chickens. If you can’t do it by yourself, see about a neighborhood garden.

  • Help your neighbor.

  • Get off Facebook & Twitter.

  • Buy American only!

  • Do not buy anything Made in China.

  • Do not sell your land or business here to China.

  • Look for reliable alternative sources of information.

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