Are my contributions Tax Deductible ?

Defending the Republic is a 501(c)(4) non profit organization. Contributions are Not tax-deductible. Please discuss any contribution with your tax professional.

How to Donate?

Go to Donate at the top of each page. There are 2 options individual and monthly donations. Monthly Donations are reoccurring and will charge your card on file monthly on the same date of your initial subscription

How do I subscribe to Newsletter or Read past newsletters?
  1. From our home page on the left side you can submit your email to be added to our newsletter, If you make a donation your email address is also added to our newletter distribution. If you want to go back to past newsletters or missed one please go to the following link on DTR: https://defendingtherepublic.org/newsletter/
  2. Please make sure to check your spam folder, many of our messages end up in spam. This has been a constant struggle, due to the nature of our messages and information, Many providers put spam blockers out to prevent the information to reach you the end user.
How do you register an account on DTR why would you want to Register?
  1. To register please go to the top of the page on the far right. Enter the required information set the account up, verify your information. Once you’ve gotten access to your account. All future purchased from our shop will be visible for your in your orders.
  2. To see your donations and subscription information please go to Manage Your account section, enter the email address associated with your donation. For your security this needs to be done every time to check on your account.
What can I do with the access to my donations?

At the present time, your access will allow you to change the Credit Card on file or update the current card. You also have the ability to cancel a subscription.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Log into your account, request and receive an access code identify the subscription and select the subscription click cancel

How do I change the amount of my subscription?

At the present time, we can change your amount in the back office please send an email to help@defendingtherepublic.org to request a change we will be glad to assist you in any manner.

Thank you for joining our fight as we fight to preserve the foundation of America!