John Droz Jr.

Critically Thinking about the “Greater Good” Argument — Part 1

Are COVID-19 Injection Mandates Morally Right?


The Greater Good (GG) argument is at the core of policies that mandate COVID-19 injections. GG three major parts: 1) Religion, 2) Freedom, and 3) Science.

It’s too much to cover all these in one commentary, so there are three separate pieces. (See the online version for links to the other two.) Let’s briefly discuss the first.

Like a lot of Left-wing ideology (wokism, social justice, etc.), GG is a presented as a moral imperative. Just so we don’t miss the virtue signaling, the word “good” is in the GG phrase. But is GG consistent with our moral beliefs? Judeo-Christian standards are the underpinnings of America, so what do they say about the GG assertion?

Before answering that, we need to be clear what the GG belief really says. In a nutshell it is: the individual must sacrifice for the benefit of the community.

[This can also be called collectivism, which is similar to socialism and communism.]

In other words government agencies, schools, businesses, etc. that ascribe to GG are saying: if the general society may possibly benefit, the individual can be forced to give up their free will choice, their financial well being, their health, and even their life.

What is the moral basis for such a position? To begin with, both of the GG words (greater and good) are subjective, which means that their interpretation is a matter of personal opinion, which means that it is a subjective standard.

The question is: who has the authority and competence to make an official GG declaration?

Further, GG is a concept derived from Utilitarianism.  Basically, that is about making behavioral choices based on what will make the most people happy. Unfortunately, we again run into subjectivity about what “happy” is. Also an important and interesting moral question is: do we have an obligation to sacrifice our happiness to make others happy?

But let’s get back to America: is there a Judeo-Christian basis for such a GG position? I say no. Here are three simple Judeo-Christian rebuttals to GG thinking.

First, is that Judeo-Christian belief is that every person is made in the image of God. As such, every individual has enormous religious importance, so they cannot simply be trampled on and discarded for some supposed secular societal benefit.

Second, the Judeo-Christian belief of salvation is intrinsically connected with each person properly exercising their free will. Any extraction of a righteous exercise of free will is contrary to Judeo-Christian principles.

Third, consider the parable of the lost sheep in the New Testament. Christ tells the story of a shepherd tending a hundred sheep, and one wanders off. His story is that the good shepherd leaves the ninety-nine, to recover the one. His praise of the shepherd makes clear that He gives full endorsement to the value of the individual — even over that of the group! This parable is arguably the direct opposite of GG…

So, if GG is not consistent with Judeo-Christian standards, what moral standards are being promoted here? It’s not much of a stretch to conclude that GG is actually a communist perspective — which means that this is the moral perspective of atheists.

So here is the critical thinking thought here: are Americans OK with US Government agencies, schools, businesses, organizations, churches, etc. promoting atheistic standards? Of course, so far they haven’t come right out and said that.

However, unless Judeo-Christian Americans strenuously object, it won’t be long until that is exactly what they will say — and proudly.

PS — IMO (as a non-lawyer) this religious argument is stronger than what is in the conventional lawsuit claiming that being forced to get a COVID-19 injection violates someone’s religious beliefs. Typically, those cases object to things like fetal tissue used in the manufacture of the injections.

PPS — What are the moral implications for citizens to choose to get injected (or their loved ones to get injected? It comes down to the Science: is there a net benefit for getting the injection, vs optimizing your immune system and then taking scientifically supported early-treatment therapies if you or loved ones do get the virus. See Part 3 for some additional details.

[Part 2 is about Freedom: Are COVID-19 Injection Mandates Consistent with American Democratic Principles?]

[Part 3 is about Science: Are COVID-19 Injection Mandates Scientifically Sound?]

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