John Droz Jr.

Critically Thinking about COVID-19 (a)
What is the optimum treatment for someone infected?

John Droz jr. and Jo Highet

Aug 31

Let’s say that you or a loved one are infected with COVID-19 — assuming that there are no special medical complications, what is the best course of action to take to minimize the chances of hospitalization or other more serious outcomes?

The options that you and your physician have are: 1) to go along with what government agencies (CDC, FDA, etc.) are advocating, or 2) to follow the Science.

But aren’t those two the same? NOOOOO!!!

How can that be? The reasons that government agencies, etc. have deviated from real Science are legion: politics, financial influence, other agendas at play, ignorance, stubbornness, feathering their nest, etc. Maybe we’ll have another article about those…

As a critically thinking reader, I don’t expect you to take my word for any of this. My proof is to show you the Science, and then you and your physician can directly compare that to what government agencies are advocating. The stark differences will be glaringly obvious.

Here is a table I put together that shows what the Science says about all of the early treatment options for COVID-19. This, along with other Science goodies, is on my COVID-19 website:

Some cynics may claim that I’ve “cherry picked” what to show you — but don’t buy that subterfuge. My table shows EVERY published scientific study I could find (some 140!), on ten (10) major COVID-19 early treatment options. That is how real Science works: show all the relevant data and let the chips fall as they may.

Some may say: wow there is a lot to wade through there. Yes, I could have dumbed it down to one sentence: the Science says that non-FDA endorsed options (IVM or HCQ combined with select OTCs) have equal or superior results to FDA endorsed Paxlovid, Molnupiravir, etc. options, plus they have fewer and less serious adverse side-effects. (They also cost much less.)

But since I respect my critically thinking readers, I’m showing you the unvarnished data. Since your life — or that of a loved one — may be in the balance, I’m assuming that you can spend 15± minutes to grasp what my table is showing you. FYI, I’m aware of no one else in the world who has put this information together like this…

This screenshot is just part of the table, so please go to this link for the whole thing.

Note 1: My capable associate, Jo Highet, put together a short video about this important material. It should help in getting you up-to-speed on it.

Note 2: Even though it is not an early treatment option, I included Remdesivir in this comparison — as it has also (inexplicably) received an endorsement from the FDA.

Note 3: This is a live table and I update it about once a month. (The revision date is on the lower left hand part of the table’s page.

Enjoy, and pass it onto other open-minded individuals.

Here are other materials by this scientist that you might find interesting: discusses the science (or lack thereof) behind our energy options. covers the lack of genuine science behind our COVID-19 policies. multiple major reports on the election integrity issue.

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