Dear Patriots,

As much as we may wish the world would stop for a second during this time of year, it doesn’t seem to cooperate.
While you were celebrating Christmas, events did happen that you may have heard some snippets of information about.
Here are a few items we thought were important for you to know. Please take some time to read them and share with your family and acquaintances.
1- The myth, or the LIE, is sadly a part of our history. We must not let the LIES about January 6 become a part of our culture, as the story surrounding the JFK assassination has.

(American Greatness-Roger Kimball) 

Myth-Making in the Modern Age: A Primer

QUOTE: The myth that January 6 was an insurrection that aimed to “overthrow the government” must not be allowed to stand. The time to counter the Big Lie is now.

An illuminating example from the recent past is the public understanding of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist radical who had adulated the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro.

The bullets had barely left Oswald’s rifle before this was known. But the truth about the identity of Kennedy’s assassin was quickly overtaken and enveloped by a partisan myth, assiduously massaged and circulated by Kennedy’s widow, the media, and the political establishment.

In brief, the myth about Kennedy’s assassin downplayed Oswald’s communist affiliation and insisted that Kennedy was killed not (as he in fact was) by a lone gunman by rather a generalized “spirit of madness and hate.”

I have no doubt that there are many other initiatives of mythopoetic endeavor, from the preposterous and illegally formed January 6 Commission on down. But the new myth has not yet gelled. There are too many dissenting voices, too many accounts of what actually happened that day that conflict with the regime narrative.

The trick now is to magnify those alternative accounts, disseminate them as broadly and as authoritatively as possible. There is no reason that Nancy Pelosi or Jim Acosta or Joe Biden or Merrick Garland should be allowed to define the reality of what happened on January 6.

The work of writers like Julie Kelly at American Greatness and Darren Beattie at  Revolver News needs to be echoed and extended as vigorously as possible. Myths can be pernicious as well as illuminating or entertaining.
The myth that what happened on January 6 was an insurrection that aimed to “overthrow the government” or “overturn the election” must not be allowed to stand and gain credence. The time to counter that Big Lie is now. 
2- You or someone close to you has gotten sick recently from a virus that spreads quickly. Is this a cause to panic? Maybe not!

(Jewish News Syndicate)

Covid pandemic may be nearing end, suggest experts

QUOTE: The Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus is not a disaster and may even signal the end of the pandemic crisis, say two prominent physicians affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Speaking to international reporters on Zoom through Media Central, professor  Zvika Granot and professor Amnon Lahad said the Omicron variant is more infectious and less aggressive than previous variants—which is a good sign.

Lahad said that the media and government officials speak of a disaster coming because they see rising numbers of positive PCR tests in countries such as Britain and South Africa.

“If we look deeper, we see that while there is an increase in positive PCR tests, the number of severe cases is going down or is at least stable,” said Lahad, who chairs HUJ’s Department of Family Medicine, the National Committee for Primary Care and the Jerusalem district of the Clalit HMO.

“In South Africa we see the same thing, even though their vaccination rate is much lower than Israel’s, and we are starting to see the same thing in Britain. So we have a catastrophe more in public opinion than in what is really happening in the emergency rooms and primary care clinics,” he said.

Given that nearly 60 percent of those who test positive for Omicron have no symptoms, said Lahad, “it seems it’s not such a disaster.”

3- Pray with us that the Supreme Court will look at the LAW and rule correctly on this massive overreach by Biden.

(American Greatness)

Supreme Court Set to Convene Special Session on Vaccine Mandates
QUOTE: On Wednesday, the Supreme Court announced that it will hold a special session in roughly two weeks to hear oral arguments regarding the Biden Administration’s ongoing efforts to force vaccinations on private employees, federal contractors, and healthcare workers, according to Politico.

The special session will begin on January 7th, 2022, just several days ahead of the regularly-scheduled session set to begin on January 10th.

The decision comes after several high-profile rulings that have produced mixed results with regards to the constitutionality of the vaccine mandates. Biden has ordered three different nationwide vaccine mandates:

One demanding that all private businesses with 100 employees or more mandate vaccines for their employees, or else face federal penalties.

One ordering all healthcare workers, especially those affiliated with Medicare and Medicaid, to get vaccinated. 

And one forcing all federal contractors to take the vaccine.

Defending The Republic files amicus brief

On Wednesday, Defending The Republic filed an amicus brief to inform the court there is no FDA approved vaccine available in the United States. 

All the mandated injections have been unapproved biochemical. The approval by the FDA was for Comirnaty, which has never been used as a vaccine in the United States.

You may read the briefs here.


4- You may have heard that Biden declared there was no effective response to Covid-CCP at the Federal level. Oh REALLY?

This is an admission that the Biden Vax mandates do not work. They should be struck down by the Supreme Court and all of the states.

Of course, the White House is spinning like a top trying to walk this back.

(Daily Mail)

Ron DeSantis’ office urges Biden to drop ‘useless’ COVID mandates if there’s no ‘federal solution’

Highlights from article:
    • Florida’s Republican governor accused Biden of ‘abdicating responsibility’
    • Four GOP governors called on him to roll back vaccine mandates in response
    • South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem said she and Biden ‘finally agree’  
    • Other Republicans are blasting Biden after he said ‘there is no federal solution’ to combatting COVID-19 during a virtual meeting with 25 governors 
    • Sen. Tom Cotton, from Arkansas, slammed the president for implementing illegal mandates COVID and blamed his ‘incompetence’ for the surging virus 
    • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said if combatting the virus falls on the states, than the ‘Texas solution is no mandates and personal responsibility’
    • However, the president’s supporters rushed to his defense, alleging the Republicans took his remarks from the meeting out of context 
    • They claimed the now-viral clip of Biden was ‘a total lie’ and edited to suggest he is ‘quitting on dealing with COVID and just throwing it to the states’ 
5- This made us laugh!  J.K. Rowling is world-famous as the author of “Harry Potter”.  She is on-record for expressing a politically incorrect personal opinion on “multi-genderism”.


Guardian ‘Person of the Year’ Poll Deactivated After J.K. Rowling Takes Lead

QUOTE: An online poll conducted by the staunchly left Guardian newspaper seeking nominations for “Person of the Year” has been turned off, sparking speculation it was shut down when author J.K. Rowling took the lead.

The poll was launched on December 15 and posed a simple question: “Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?” It can be found here.

As of Wednesday it was no longer live, launching conjecture from a number of sources that the fact author J.K. Rowling was such a dominating choice the outlet had no option left other than to stop accepting nominations.


We wish you all a safe and cozy New Year’s celebration.

We are ready to keep fighting in 2022 and we are grateful you are with us in the fight!

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic