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The Hunting of Sidney Powell

In the three-plus years since the 2020 presidential election, Democrats and Never Trumpers have been waging lawfare campaigns against conservative lawyers, judges, news personalities, and politicians nationwide. These attacks take many forms, ranging from the failed efforts to disqualify President Donald Trump from the ballot to the illegitimate federal and state indictments of him, from the indictments of Republican alternate electors in several swing states to the efforts to disbar or discipline attorneys to an endless stream of lawsuits seeking damages.

One conservative lawyer has borne the brunt of the leftist lawfare avalanche like few others: former Trump attorney Sidney Powell. The sheer number, scope, and vitriolic nature of the lawfare waged against her in the aftermath of her challenges to the 2020 election is eclipsed only by the attacks on Trump himself.

A closer look at the attacks on Powell reveals she is the victim of bar complaints from people who never consulted with her, did not even know her, and whom she never represented. Several of the bar complaints are from leftist politicians who habitually and brazenly disregard the truth and the law. As is so often the case in today’s weaponized legal environment, some of the attacks emanate from the two-tiered justice system, where conservative lawyers like Powell (and Republicans generally) are sanctioned without the testimony of a single witness. Additionally, still more of the attacks are lawsuits seeking grotesque amounts of damages.

The lawfare being waged against Powell is too vast and complex to be adequately addressed in a single article. Therefore, this five-part series will begin by providing background on Powell and her accomplishments in the legal field, followed by a general description of her involvement in post-election lawsuits in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, followed by an outline of the lawfare itself. We’ll then review the election irregularities in Michigan, the sanctions order against Powell in that state, and the ethics complaints and defamation suits against her.

I was privileged to have the opportunity to communicate directly with Powell for this article and, whenever possible, her thoughts and observations are included.

By DANIEL STREET Published on May 20, 2024

The Hunting of Sidney Powell

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