Dear Patriots,

We have spent some time in the last months praising our federalist system and the rights, granted by The Constitution, to the states to govern themselves.

For example, during the pandemic, the Governor and legislature of Florida have approached Covid-CCP challenges with calm sensibility. They showed the rest of the world a way to handle an emergency without falling in line with federal government mandates on shots, masks and shutdowns.

The left loves a centralized government. They love a top down, dictatorship which rules with an iron fist. They wish ardently to cut off all alternative avenues of governing so that they can have complete control over everything.

In 1973, Roe v Wade was pulled from thin air.

The left has conveniently forgotten what their judicial idol Ruth Bader Ginsberg herself said.

It was just the start of a five decades long march to take many powers from the states and to circumvent the Constitution for centralized control.

This current Supreme Court is looking at, and interpreting, the Constitution, which is its only job, and deciding what it actually says and what it does not. On Friday, the Court announced its ruling that the decision on abortion should be decided as close to the people as possible, in the states.

The federal government has no power or authority to make any decisions on abortion because there is NO PLACE IN THE CONSTITUTION that gives it this right.

Giving back to the states their constitutional rights is what Dobbs Vs Jackson Women’s Health was all about.

This ruling strikes fear in the communists. Because once this decision is made, it will be the basis for hundreds of other cases where the onerous, greedy, and inept federal government has over-stepped its bounds.

The ruling was not really about abortion.

Despite the hysterical wailing screeching threats of the misinformed on the Left, this Supreme Court decision does not ban any woman in America from obtaining an abortion. 

It simply returned the power to the states to decide because The Constitution provides no basis for a “right to an abortion.”

It is all about what rights the states have versus the “rights” of the federal government.

We only pray this victory is the start of both big and small claw-backs in our war to get our country back.


“The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.”

1- In another Supreme Court case, they ruled that a 100 year old law that made it impossible to get a concealed carry permit in New York was unconstitutional.

Drew Allen 

The SCOTUS Exposes the Lying, Lawless Left

QUOTE: The Left’s response to the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling in New York Rifle Association v. Bruen to strike down an unconstitutional New York gun law that restricted concealed carry was entirely predictable. The Left hates the Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment, and nothing makes them angrier than the Supreme Court rebuking their lawlessness and upholding the unalienable right of the law-abiding American citizen to exercise his or her 2nd Amendment right.

In this case it was a New York law from 1911 that effectively prevented New York residents from acquiring a concealed carry license. The state law required the licensee to “demonstrate a special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community.”

Robert Nash and Brendan Koch, two New York residents tried to get a concealed carry license and were both denied on the ground that they “failed to show ‘proper cause’ to carry a firearm in public for the purpose of self-defense.” Both had extensive firearm safety training and Nash cited “a string of recent robberies in his neighborhood” as a need.  If these two men couldn’t get a concealed carry license in New York, then who could? You’d have to be dead before you could prove ‘proper cause.’

The only thing to be outraged by is the fact that this unconstitutional law has survived for more than 100 years. But instead, the left is predictably apoplectic that the Supreme Court has finally struck it down.

2- North Carolina has been trying to get a Voter ID law for years, only to be thwarted by leftist lawsuits. This victory allows the Republican law makers to argue their case instead of the state’s hard core leftist Attorney General.

Conservative Brief  

Supreme Court Says North Carolina Republicans Can Defend Photo ID Law In Court

QUOTE: The US. Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 that leaders of North Carolina’s Republican legislature can step in to advocate for a voter ID law in court that they believe the state’s Democratic attorney general isn’t fighting hard enough to defend.

“At the heart of this lawsuit lies a challenge to the constitutionality of a North Carolina election law. But the merits of that dispute are not before us, only an antecedent question of civil procedure: Are two leaders of North Carolina’s state legislature entitled to participate in the case under the terms of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure,” Gorsuch wrote in the opinion. “Within wide constitutional bounds, States are free to structure themselves as they wish. Often, they choose to

conduct their affairs through a variety of branches, agencies, and elected and appointed officials.

These constituent pieces sometimes work together to achieve shared goals; other times they reach very different judgments about important policy questions and act accordingly. This diffusion of governmental powers within and across institutions may be an everyday feature of American life. But it can also pose its difficulties when a State’s laws or policies are challenged in federal court,” he added.

The case involved whether Republican lawmakers in North Carolina can intervene to defend the state’s voter ID law from lawsuits. Republican lawmakers say the state’s Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein is not properly defending the law from legal challenges brought by the NAACP and other groups who claim it violates the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

Pray!  He is hearing our prayers.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic