Dear Patriots,

Another week under the heavy boot of the Biden Regime begins. We encourage you to HOLD FAST.  We say that to you every week as our closing. We know that it becomes harder to do in light of so much evil news.

Steel your resolve to fight for our country so we may lead it in another direction.

Continue your prayers for Republican candidates and for those being arrested and harassed by the government.

1- A late Friday court ruling in Delaware says that universal mail-in ballots is unconstitutional.

Just The News 

Delaware Supreme Court rules universal mail-in voting unconstitutional

QUOTE:  The Delaware Supreme Court ruled on Friday that a state law enacting universal mail-in voting violated the state’s constitution.

Friday’s ruling is a blow to Democrats who have sought to make permanent COVID-19-era adjustments to the absentee voting process in a plethora of states.

The court further rejected a component of the law that would have created same-day registration throughout the state.

2- Watching the trends in the polls as a way to fight the lies the Democrats try to tell their base. The leftist pollsters work very hard to bury the real news from polls.

Don Surber  

A 21-point lead may help Republicans

QUOTE: Hidden inside the recesses of the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll was this nugget: “Among those living in congressional districts that are rated as at least somewhat competitive by ABC’s FiveThirtyEight (neither solid Republican nor solid Democratic), registered voters favor Republican candidates by a wide 55-34 percent – nearly as big as the Republican lead in solid GOP districts (+24 points).

Democrats lead by 35 points in solid Democratic districts, pointing to a potential overvote where they’re most prevalent.”

So much for reports of the red wave petering out.

FiveThirtyEight lists a whopping 50 seats as competitive. Eleven are held by Republicans. Two are new seats. Thirty seven are held by Democrats.

FiveThirtyEight gives Republicans the edge in 20 of those 50 races. That would be a 9 seat gain.

But as the pollsters who did the ABC-WaPo poll pointed out that since 1946, when a president’s approval is 50%, his party loses an average of 14 House seats in the midterm. If under 50%, his party loses an average of 37 seats.  Biden’s approval is 39% in this poll.

3- The persecution of those with different political ideology than Joe Biden is escalating.

Frontpage Magazine 

Biden’s DOJ Threatening Pro-Life Protesters with 11 Years in Jail for Civil Disobedience

QUOTE: By way of some context, the Biden regime knocked down its jail time request for two leftist lawyers who torched a police car with a Molotov cocktail during the Black Lives Matter race riots to 18-24 months even though there was no reason to do so.

But as part of its Jihad against pro-life protesters, the Biden regime is using the FACE Act to target pro-life protesters for actions that are technically illegal, but fall well within civil disobedience norms and don’t involve torching anything. And seeking 11 years in prison.

The pro-life protesters are obviously using their choice of language, but whatever the language, this is basically a fairly typical ‘occupation’ protest which the Left routinely engages in, expecting to be arrested for trespassing and then getting a fine at most. The Biden administration however is trying for 11 years in prison.

Biden came to power promising a restoration of political norms. These are the political norms of Russia and China.

4- This is something we may be forced to think about in the near future.

The Gateway Pundit 

Doctor Surprised as Patient Refuses to Receive Blood Transfusion if Donor had been Vaccinated Against COVID-19

QUOTE: On Sunday, Dr. Stephanie Cooper shared on her Twitter followers that she was surprised when one of her patients declined to receive a blood transfusion if the donor had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Dr. Stephanie Cooper is a Calgary-trained Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist with Alberta Health Services.

“So- this was a first for me. A patient declined blood transfusion if the donor had received a covid vaccination,” she wrote.

According to American Red Cross, they don’t “label blood products as containing vaccinated or unvaccinated blood as the COVID-19 vaccine does not enter the bloodstream and poses no safety risks to the recipient.”

5- It often appears to be miraculous that any Republican wins any race given the massive efforts to make sure no one can hear what they say.

Oh, and by the way, if you still use Google as your email provider, consider getting a different one.

Frontpage Magazine 

RNC Says Google Spiked Over 22 MILLION of Its Emails in September Alone

QUOTE: It’s not really a secret anymore that the Left doesn’t believe in a level playing field, and that the woke vanguard is censorious, fascist, and unwilling to allow for the fair and open enunciation of opposing points of view. That’s why so many conservatives, including Donald Trump himself, have been banned from Twitter and Facebook, and that’s why Parler, Gettr, Gab and Truth Social exist at all: to give a voice to those who have been denied a platform for having views that don’t correspond to those of the political and media elites.

But the censorship is even more far-reaching than that: on Monday, Fox News reported that “the Republican National Committee [RNC] says Google is suppressing get-out-the-vote [GOTV] and fundraising emails by sending millions of GOP election emails to users’ Gmail spam folders, with party leadership threatening to explore legal options to ‘put an end’ to what they call a ‘clear pattern of bias.'”

RNC officials state that “emails being sent by the RNC to Republican subscribers who use Gmail accounts in the final days of each month are being sent to spam folders.” This is happening on a stunningly grand scale: “An RNC official told Fox News Digital that since Sept. 28, Gmail has ‘suppressed’ more than 22 million RNC emails—358,000 of which were GOTV emails.”

Pray. Know. Share.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic