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1- Finally! This makes us so happy. After the trial, the appeal and then Oberlin refusing to pay, we are so happy that the check has been wired to the Gibson Family!

FOX 8 

Oberlin College fully pays $36.6M penalty in Gibson’s Bakery libel lawsuit

QUOTE: Oberlin College and Conservatory has fully paid the penalty ordered after it was found liable of defaming a local family-operated bakery in 2019.

A college spokesperson confirmed to FOX 8 News that the damages awarded — totaling $36.6 million with interest — have been paid in full to Gibson’s Bakery. The spokesperson declined to make any further comment.

2- It is good to see there MIGHT be some opposition to the Biden Regime within the Democrat Party. Now, if only we could get the Republicans to be more difficult!

Washington Examiner 

The new Manchins: Four blue senators who could make Biden’s life difficult for the next two year

QUOTE: Over the past two years, Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) have held an outsize influence in the 50-50 Senate as Democrats have needed both their votes to advance their agenda.

Here is a look at the four other senators who have shown an inclination to buck party lines at times and not vote in lockstep with Biden.

Jon Tester (D-MT)

Second only to Manchin, who votes with Biden 87.9% of the time, per FiveThirtyEight, Tester is another rare Democrat from a deep blue state.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

After nearly edging out Biden in the 2020 presidential primary, the independent Vermont senator and self-described socialist has emerged as a frequent progressive dissenter to Biden in the upper chamber.

Jacky Rosen (D-NV)

Hailing from the bellwether state of Nevada, Rosen generally hews close to the middle of the Democratic Senate caucus on the ideological spectrum. During the past two years, she has bucked the Biden administration on a handful of COVID-19 suppression measures.

Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV)

Cortez Masto played a pivotal role in helping the Democrats get to 51 seats when she defeated Adam Laxalt in the midterm elections.  Like Rosen, most of Cortez Masto’s defiance stemmed from COVID-19 policies, which ravaged Nevada’s service sector and has been credited for making her 2022 reelection bid so challenging.

3- This is a good foundation to build on.

The Association of Mature American Citizens 

GOP Must Build on 2022 School Board Victories

QUOTE:  In school board races in particular, conservatives can look to build on some bright spots from this year in what was an otherwise a somewhat disappointing cycle.

Following the midterm elections, mainstream media outlets have pushed the narrative that parental rights candidates fared poorly in school board races. While it’s true that some candidates who emphasized parental rights and opposition to left-wing ideologies like Critical Race Theory and radical gender theory were defeated, those candidates – who were typically aligned with local Republican Party organizations – often still far out-performed other Republicans in their districts. In many other cases, however, conservative parents’ rights candidates did manage to win even when other Republicans lost, and in some cases flipped several high-profile school boards.

In Florida, conservative candidates emphasizing parents’ rights won victories in key areas like Sarasota and Miami-Dade counties that had previously been Democratic strongholds.

In Texas, conservative candidates voicing opposition to CRT picked up seats on the state Board of Education, expanding the GOP majority. In Charleston County, South Carolina, another typically Democrat area, conservative candidates flipped the school board from Democrat control, another big victory.

Notably, these victories came in spite of conservatives being far outspent by liberal national teacher unions backing establishment candidates. Conservatives had some much needed outside support of their own, however, from groups like Moms for Liberty. According to the group’s founder, roughly half of the candidates Moms for Liberty endorsed, most of whom were in competitive races, won this cycle.

Looking ahead to 2023 and even 2024, education and parental rights can continue to be winning issues for conservatives.

4- As you know, de-banking has become a common practice in the world of silencing and ruining people who fight back against the left. It has recently happened to Sidney. We are thrilled to see this new bank open with the goal to serve EVERYONE!

The Daily Wire 

Country Music Star John Rich Launches Patriotic Bank With Ben Carson And Larry Elder; Will ‘Never Cancel Law-Abiding Customers’

QUOTE: Country music legend John Rich, conservative commentator Larry Elder, and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson purchased a bank in order to promote American values and oppose cancel culture in the financial system.

The three co-founders and stockholders cleared regulatory hurdles to acquire First State Bank of Elmore City, Oklahoma, the state’s first and oldest bank, and will rename the financial institution Old Glory Bank. According to a press release, the company will “never cancel law-abiding customers for their beliefs or for exercising their lawful rights of free speech.”

“It’s been dismaying to see the political weaponization of the financial system,” Rich commented. “Old Glory Bank was created to be the full banking solution for folks who still believe in freedom and the greatness of America.”

“Old Glory Bank will serve lower- and middle-income Americans and those Americans that other banks have marginalized and ignored, hard-working patriots who keep this country running every day,” added Carson, who worked as director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University before leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump administration.

The venture comes as established financial institutions grow increasingly hostile toward free expression.

5- Mike Lindell fights back and wins one.

The Gateway Pundit 

Chairman of Jan 6 Select (Witch Hunt) Committee Withdraws Subpeona Against Verizon For Mike Lindell’s Phone Records After He Sues Nancy Pelosi

QUOTE: Benny Thompson, chairman of the Jan 6 (Witch Hunt) Committee, has officially withdrawn the subpoena request on behalf of the committee for  Mike Lindell’s phone records after he filed a lawsuit against the unpopular Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

We spoke with Mike Lindell, who explained that he sued the “unselect committee” almost immediately after he received their subpoena. “Sorry, but you’re not getting my records,” Mike said, adding, “It’s against the constitution, and I wasn’t even there!” Mike was referring to the Capitol building, which he was nowhere near when it was breached. Fortunately, Mr. Lindell, who is despised by the mainstream media, was being interviewed by the media when the incident occurred. It was a bitterly cold day at the Elipse; Mike headed back to his hotel room after listening to his good friend President Donald Trump speak. But that didn’t stop the “unselect committee,” as Mike calls them, from using his presence in DC as an excuse to go after his phone records.

The rabidly anti-Trump  January 6th committee has cast a wide net, hoping to catch some of America’s most influential activists and supporters of President Trump in some sort of illegal activity. So far, they’ve been unable to prove their case that some widespread plan was being hatched to take over what many still believe is an illegitimate government that was elected through mass voter fraud.

6- Excellent summary of the difference between colonizing and civilizing.

Don Suber 

The West didn’t colonize. It civilized

QUOTE: Colonizers have become the colonized due to the suicidal immigration policies of modern Europe. A continent that repeatedly fought and repelled Muslim invasions (the Battle of Tours in 732, the Siege of Vienna in 1529, and the Battle of Vienna in 1683) has rolled out the welcome mat to men who have no intention and no desire to assimilate. They are exempted from traditions that date back thousands of years

The West conquered the world and brought advanced technology and prosperity. Compare and contrast those isolated tribes in the Amazon to how Brazilians live. It is no contest. Natives are better off thanks to the West.

But there are nations that are giving reparations. Europeans have foolishly opened their doors to the nations they colonized. The migrants want to colonize Europe, as witnessed by the Moroccans rioting in Belgium to celebrate their country defeating Belgium in soccer.

Kick them out. They do not come to civilize. They do not come to assimilate. They come to destroy.

Enjoy a festive weekend!


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