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Much of the news we are provided by the Fake news media is not good. It is a constant reminder of the thick web of lies, deceits and worse, the hiding of facts from the American public.

It may seem odd that we would include Not Good News in Good News Friday. But, getting and knowing the truth, regardless if it is good or not is truly good news.

Knowing the truth is always the first step to identifying problems and changing course.

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1- The bad news is that your doctor was given money if they shamed or scared you into getting the Covid-CCP injection.

The good news is that now you know about it and can make better medical decisions.

Go to the link below to see how much Anthem Medical was offering doctors to jab you with an untested and ineffective shot.

The Liberty Daily

Anthem Medical’s Vaxx-Incentive Plan Exposes How Much Doctors Got Paid to Push the Death Jabs

QUOTE: Following the rollout of the Covid-19 “vaccines,” there was a hardcore push by people in authority to get as many men, women, and children jabbed as many times as possible. Politicians and bureaucrats made threats and restricted those who refused. Journalists gaslit us. Celebrities ridiculed us. It has only been in the last few months that the pressure campaign has let up a bit, but it’s still there in the background.

While most Americans have a healthy distrust for politicians, corporate media, and Hollywood stars, a strong majority of people got jabbed anyway for one huge reason: Most doctors were on board with the mass-vaccination program. Many might laugh when Bill de Blasio or Sean Hannity advise us to get jabbed, but with so many doctors echoing the sentiment, millions if not tens of millions dismissed their better judgment based on recommendations from medical professionals.

Studies and strong data points demonstrating the jabs were neither safe nor effective started coming out mere weeks after the rollout, so why did it take most doctors so long to get clued in? A recently surfaced copy of Kentucky Anthem Medical’s “Covid-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive Program” may offer the obvious answer.

They say money can’t buy you love, but it can buy silence, compliance, and loyalty. Look at those numbers.

2- The truth about President Obama has been hidden for almost two decades. Now, little drifts of information about him are seeping out. While the rabid, crazy left has spent millions investigating and studying President Trump, Obama is allowed to remain a shadowy figure. Many believe that he is currently guiding the Biden Regime. It is good news to have truth revealed about him and his radical policies which have forever altered the direction of America.

This is a longer read for your weekend.

Mark Hemingway at The Federalist

Obama’s Fraudulent Legacy Is Being Exposed, And It’s On The Wrong Side Of History

QUOTE: Barack Obama is often hailed as one of the greatest orators in modern politics. While he had undeniable gifts in that department, as someone who attended a number of his speeches in person, I never quite understood all the praise. Setting aside his career-making “red states, blue states” speech at the 2004 Democratic convention — a plea for political moderation he spent his time in office repudiating — the only memorable things Obama said were either campaign pablum such as “hope and change,” or remarks that were unintentionally revealing.

In the latter category, my personal favorite remark was this comment about congressional Republicans from 2013: “We’re going to try to do everything we can to create a permission structure for them to be able to do what’s going to be best for the country,” he said.

“Permission structure” is a phrase that’s been used by marketing executives for many years, and was apparently in common usage at the Obama White House. The idea is “based on an understanding that radically changing a deeply held belief and/or entrenched behavior will often challenge a person’s self-identity and perhaps even leave them feeling humiliated about being wrong. … Permission Structures serve as scaffolding for someone to embrace change that they might otherwise reject.”

While there’s more overlap between politics and marketing than anyone would like to admit, the naked use of jargon that comes from the world of consumer manipulation betrays a remarkably egotistical approach to politics. There was no need to address honorable disagreement to Obama’s policies, which were politically extreme and consistently opposed by voters. The White House just needed to create, with the help of a slavish media, narratives that could help people admit they were wrong and come around to his way of thinking.

Ironically enough, I thought of the “permission structure” remark reading David Samuels’ interview in Tablet with Obama biographer David Garrow, which is shaping up to be perhaps the most discussed piece of journalism of the year. That’s because the entire article is a really effective “permission structure” for a lot of Obama voters and moderates to finally admit he’s an entirely overrated, largely failed president who was far more radical than he ever let on. He’s also obsessed with celebrity and not very loyal to the people who helped him along the way.

In other words, he’s pretty much the guy his critics on the right said he was all along.

3- Some good news from a public library event. Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines are forces for good and they will not stop spreading a hopeful, positive message.

CBN News

Capacity Crowd Attends Kirk Cameron’s AL Library Event, Hundreds More Follow at Local Church

QUOTE: Kirk Cameron’s “See You at the Library” event that was initially canceled by Huntsville-Madison County Public Library System in Alabama – but then was allowed to proceed at the public library on Saturday – was a huge success, according to multiple media reports.

The event saw a capacity crowd of 225 attend the book-reading event sponsored by the Madison Chapter of the Moms for Liberty.

Parents and their children listened to former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines and Cameron read from their books as part of Brave Books’ “See You at the Library Day,” a national effort at hundreds of libraries across the U.S. to read and share family-friendly content.

It was one of the actor-producer-author’s first stops on his scheduled national tour of more than 260 libraries in 46 states, his publisher BRAVE Books told Fox News.

A group of protestors tried to enter the Madison library event, but their efforts to disrupt the story hour were thwarted by Huntsville police, according to the outlet.

Huntsville’s The Rock Church had offered its facilities after the book-reading event had been canceled at the library. It became a second stop for the event as hundreds more showed up after the event at the Madison library to sing songs, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, hear Gaines speak, and hear Cameron read from his Brave Book title, Pride Comes Before The Fall, according to Red State.

4- A little win. This kind of action almost never works out this way when a leftist is at the center.

The Blaze

Texas elementary school fires black teacher after numerous racist tweets against white people go viral

QUOTE: A teacher at an elementary school in Texas was fired after several racist, anti-white messages on social media were picked up by conservatives and went viral.

Danielle Allen taught first grade at a Thompson Elementary School in the Mesquite Independent School District near Dallas when she posted the missives against white people on social media.

Allen referred to herself as a “black supremacist” and posted a message implying that she wanted to have her sister’s boyfriend killed because he was white.

“I promise I’ll help you hide the body. Bring all 4 of your guns,” she said in one message.

In a video she posted later, Allen then smiled as she promised to do everything in her power to break up the biracial relationship.
“Why shouldn’t I hate white people?” she said in another post.
“I enjoy being racist! I’m never changing!” read another message.

On Tuesday, the school posted a message saying that Allen was no longer employed at the school and was not “eligible” for rehire.
“Nevertheless, the highly offensive statements posted to her X account do not reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISD, and the district condemns them in the strongest terms,” they added.

Allen has since deleted her social media account and has been removed from the staff directory of the school.

5- Never quit fighting to protect your children from evil. No victory is too small to celebrate.

The Daily Wire

Virginia Library Director Resigns After Parents Called For Defunding Over ‘Pornographic’ Children’s Books

QUOTE: The director of a Virginia public library has resigned following demands from outraged parents that the library be defunded over “pornographic” children’s books.

Michelle Ross resigned effective immediately as director of the Samuels Library in Front Royal in northern Virginia on Thursday. The move came during an emergency meeting of the Samuels Public Library Board of Trustees, who accepted her resignation.

Earlier this summer, a grassroots coalition of concerned parents and others called Clean Up Samuels petitioned for the removal of a slew of books they found objectionable, dozens of which they say are “pornographic.”

Clean Up Samuels has also called for the library staff and board of trustees to be replaced.

On June 6, hundreds of parents and others packed into a Warren County Board of Supervisors meeting to protest the controversial children’s books. Nearly three dozen speakers called for defunding the library if 34 “pornographic” children’s books remained on the shelves. Many parents from the area’s robust Catholic community spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting.

“This is not literature. This is smut,” one Front Royal dad told the board after reading an excerpt about anal sex from a book titled “This Book Is Gay.”

The Clean Up Samuels list of objectionable books includes “It’s Perfectly Normal,” This Book Is Gay,” “This Is Why They Hate Us,” “Two Boys Kissing,” “She Gets The Girl,” “They Both Die At The End,” and “Anatomy Of A Single Girl,” among others.

The group has three demands — first, remove the “pornographic” books in the children’s section, second, cut ties with the American Library Association and change library policy to acquire only age-appropriate materials (including accountability for library personnel who violate the policy), and third, replace the current library leadership, who have “violated public trust.”

Front Royal is home to Christendom College, a tiny Catholic liberal arts school. Many graduates stay in the area and start families. The town is also the headquarters of Seton Home Study School, a Catholic-accredited homeschool distance school that enrolls thousands of homeschool students.

6- We share this with you because it is a rare story. Unquestionably, Melania Trump was the most beautiful and glamorous First Lady ever to grace The White House. But, the Fake News, worldwide, has ignored her in order not to call attention to her many skills. Sharing this does not imply an endorsement. (We are not endorsing in the Primary)

It was just nice to read something positive about Melania.

Conservative Treehouse

A Very Specific Set of Traits – Melania Trump, The Steadfast Rock 

QUOTE: Those who walk amid the weeds of political analysis will remember how much we discussed the very specific alignment of stars that created the very unique opportunity for Donald Trump to finally reveal the depth, scale and scope of the corruption in the U.S. body politic.

Amid those discussions, and in the challenging months and years that followed, a small but incredibly important aspect were the personal characteristics, traits and very unique perspectives of Melania Trump.

Perhaps a lioness, but an incredible woman who fortifies Donald Trump, candidate Trump and President Trump.  Without Melania in the arsenal, there simply is no Great MAGA King to fight this battle.

Page Six has an outline discussing how amid all the current turmoil Melania Trump is the rock, the counselor, the advisor and balance that keeps Donald Trump supported and sustained throughout.

How God delivered Melania as a very specific person to stand next to Donald, the man, is something to marvel.

Melania’s background, history, cultural orientation, formative years as a young woman growing up in SR Slovenia- SFR Yugoslavia, a place and era (1970-1996) where strong loyal women are forged with an iron metal of unique strength, is so fortuitous it defies coincidence.  Melania Trump, as the wife of Donald Trump, holds incredible value and purpose.

The precision Melania Trump brings to everything around her is remarkable.  That precision also applies to her counsel.

Donald Trump is very fortunate, and by extension so are we.

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