UPDATE:  Bongiovanni v. Austin

Late Friday, Defending the Republic filed its supplemental briefing in Bongiovanni v. Austin….

… pushing back against the efforts by the Biden Department of Defense to deprive a group of military service members the opportunity the challenge the unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

These service members, who filed their lawsuit collectively, are fighting the DOD vaccine mandate on the grounds that it is unlawful in its implementation (as it mandates vaccines that are not FDA approved) and that it violates their religious freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The government seeks to sever their claims so that they have to pursue them individually. In effect, this would cause delays in the litigation and allow the Biden Administration to continue their plan to remove these military service members from the military.

As we informed the court: the Biden Administration is pursuing a battle of attrition, as opposed to resolution of this case on the merits, because they think “that is a battle they can win with their effectively unlimited resources and manpower.”

What the government’s unlimited resources can’t buy, however, is what Defending the Republic has earned: the support of the people. They can try to delay the inevitable, but there’s no doubt Defending the Republic will be victorious in exposing how the Biden Administration is violating the civil liberties of the patriots who defend this country.

You can read the brief in full here.