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Harassment, intimidation, de-banking, de-platforming, canceling, raids, arrests, imprisonment….these are the tools used by your government to keep you compliant and silent. They do not have to do it to everyone to get their message across, only to a few, Be wise to these tactics.

1- Normally, we would have saved this good news miracle for our Friday newsletter. It is good news. We are so thankful that a jury was able to see the massive injustice and acquit Mark Houck. But, then we heard an interview with Mr. Houck on The War Room where he tells the story of government and justice overreach. It is chilling to hear.

This whole episode should never have happened and only did so that the government could send all of us a message.  Please take the time to listen.

Episode 2482: The Overreach Of The FBI On Anti-Abortion Activist

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Washington Times 

Federal jury acquits Mark Houck in win for pro-life movement

QUOTE: Pro-life activist Mark Houck was found not guilty Monday by a federal jury of charges stemming from an altercation outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia, signaling a victory for the pro-life movement in its feud with the Justice Department.

Mr. Houck, 49, was charged in September with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act in an October 2021 skirmish with a Planned Parenthood volunteer escort, even though local authorities declined to pursue the case and a judge tossed a civil lawsuit.

A visibly relieved Mr. Houck said outside the federal courthouse in Philadelphia that he was grateful for his family, his attorneys and “the justice that we feel was finally served.”

Thomas More Society Executive Vice President Peter Breen, who had accused the Justice Department of “pure harassment,” said the defense was “thrilled with the outcome.”

“This is a win for Mark and the entire pro-life movement,” Mr. Breen said. “The Biden Department of Justice’s intimidation against pro-life people and people of faith has been put in its place.”

Mr. Houck faced up to 11 years in prison and fines of up to $350,000 if he had been found guilty of shoving the Planned Parenthood volunteer twice outside the clinic.

2- We finally hear about an FBI raid of the Penn Biden Center….that happened in November. This has been hidden from the public for two months.

Red State 

FBI Searched the Penn Biden Center in November, White House Misled the Public

QUOTE: According to CBS News, the FBI conducted a previously undisclosed search of the Penn Biden Center back in November. That would be the office where Biden’s classified documents problem started. No one at the White House or the DOJ bothered to mention that until this leak.

This marks at least the second time the White House has purposely misled the public about the severity of the situation. Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told the press corps on January 12th that the searches of Biden’s properties had been completed. Just two days later, five more documents were revealed to have been found. Eventually, the FBI would search Biden’s Delaware home, finding even more documents while the administration once again bragged about its supposed cooperation and transparency.

In this latest instance, we have an FBI search that took place all the way back in November and no one at the White House disclosed it. Not even as reporters pushed for more information about what searches had already transpired.

The reason for the obfuscation is obvious. The White House wanted to cover this up, and they wanted to make the public believe everything going on was routine. An FBI search doesn’t qualify as routine so they kept its existence hidden.

I’d also be remiss to not mention the double standard at the DOJ. Once again, we find out something important months after the fact. Contrast that with the raid on Mar-a-Lago, which was leaked immediately, complete with pictures of documents positioned on a closet floor. Clearly, DOJ officials are far more tight-lipped when it comes to Democrat politicians. Given that, the sources that leaked this better watch their backs because you know the administration is coming for them.

3- As if everything surrounding Covid-CCP were not bad enough, now we find about the massive fraud.

Issues & Insights 

$60 Billion In COVID Fraud? Try $4 Trillion

QUOTE: As auditors and congressional investigators try to figure out just how much federal COVID relief went to fraudsters, they are missing the trillions of dollars in fraud committed by the federal government itself in a war that we had no chance of winning.

Last week, the Government Accountability Office reported that fraudsters took in about $60 billion in unemployment checks. That’s on top of the tens of billions in fraudulent claims made through the Paycheck Protection Program, the tens of billions handed out through a Small Business Administration program, and on and on.

This Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability will hold a hearing “to investigate rampant waste of taxpayer dollars in COVID relief programs.”

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the chairman of the committee, said “we owe it to Americans to identify how hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars spent under the guise of pandemic relief were lost to waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.”

That’s all well and good. But what we really need is an investigation into how the war against COVID wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars, imposed massive disruptions, handicapped millions of students, and probably didn’t save many, if any, lives.

That sort of investigation, if done honestly, would likely conclude that we would have been better off if we’d done nothing at all beyond asking people to wash their hands and stay home if they’re sick.

4- As we have pointed out there are four states which have passed massive reform and funding in education allowing parents to decide the best education options.

In this article Jonathan Turley takes it a step farther by suggesting the same approach be taken at the public university level.

Jonathan Turley 

Captives or Consumers? Public Education Could Be Facing a Major Change

QUOTE: What if they offered public education and no one came? This month, Florida is moving to allow all residents the choice to go to private or public schools. Other states like Utah are moving toward a similar alternative with school vouchers.

Faced with school boards and teacher unions resisting parental objections to school policies over curriculum and social issues, states are on the brink of a transformative change. For years, boards and teacher unions have treated parents as unwelcome interlopers in their children’s education.

That view was captured this week in the comment of Iowa school board member Rachel Wall, who said: “The purpose of a public ed is to not teach kids what the parents want. It is to teach them what society needs them to know. The client is not the parent, but the community.”

State Rep. Lee Snodgrass (D-Wis.) tweeted: “If parents want to ‘have a say’ in their child’s education, they should home school or pay for private school tuition out of their family budget.”

Now legislators are moving to do precisely that — but with public funds. It could be a game-changer. Parents overwhelmingly appear to support a classical education focused on core subjects rather than “social change.” They overwhelmingly support parental notice when their children engage in gender transitioning or other major decisions.

As public schools continue to produce abysmal scores, particularly for minority students, board and union officials have called for lowering or suspending proficiency standards or declared meritocracy to be a form of “white supremacy.” Gifted and talented programs are being eliminated in the name of “equity.”

Once parents have a choice, these teachers lose a virtual monopoly over many families, and these districts could lose billions in states like Florida.

States are no more captive to these schools than are parents. Why should conservatives and independents continue to pay taxes for universities that actively exclude faculty who share their values or viewpoints? Half of this country funds schools that have little tolerance for their values or voices; they can reduce their support and let such universities seek private funding if they insist on making a “liberal education” a literal goal.

We need public universities to offer a free-speech alternative. If we can maintain that protection, we may find that public universities become the primary choice of many who want to learn in politically diverse, tolerant environments.

I worry about how voucher systems will impact public schools because many districts would fare poorly in a competitive market. However, these proposals are a shot across the bow to all such districts. They could easily find themselves with an agenda-packed curriculum but far fewer students to teach.

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