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The reason we send you information and ask you weekly to share it is because there is a massive effort to keep divergent information away from people.

If a story or an opinion or a fact falls out of the approved elitist/leftist/communist playbook, it WILL be silenced, one way or another.

So, it is important to work around that roadblock.  Share this information in other ways.

We all have our own orbits of influence.  They may be very small.  That’s okay.

Every rock tossed into the pond causes a ripple effect.

Do what you can to be the rock of truth in your pond!  Cause a ripple!

1- Every single day there is more evidence of the great big scam on almost everything surrounding Covid-CCP. But, try and post this on Facebook and you will immediately be put in Facebook Time Out for violating “community standards”.

Sharyl Attkisson 

Pressure to approve Covid vaccine boosters with ‘grossly insufficient’ data

QUOTE: A watchdog organization has gained access to 112 pages from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showing top officials getting pressured by outside companies and the Biden administration to approve Covid vaccine boosters without scientific justification.

The records were produced to Judicial Watch in response to a February 2022 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) after HHS failed to respond to a September 3, 2021, FOIA request for records of communication from the former director and deputy director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR), Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause, respectively.

Drs. Gruber and Krause reportedly resigned during the White House’s push to rush approval the Covid-19 vaccine “booster shots.”

On September 13, 2021, Gruber and Krause were among a group of resigning doctors who agreed that, “Available evidence doesn’t yet indicate a need for Covid-19 vaccine booster shots among the general population …”

The doctors, along with other experts worldwide, published their viewpoint in The Lancet on Oct 29, 2021, arguing that the Covid-19 vaccines were still effective in preventing severe disease, including against the highly transmissible and dominant delta variant.

“Careful and public scrutiny of the evolving data will be needed to assure that decisions about boosting are informed by reliable science more than by politics,” the authors wrote, adding in part: “Widespread boosting should be undertaken only if there is clear evidence that it is appropriate.”

The records also include copies of emails that indicate the OVRR was being “bombarded” with emails from the pharmaceutical companies trying to exert pressure on the FDA scientists to approve the Covid-19 booster shots quickly and with “grossly insufficient” data.

2- Posting this on Facebook will get you sent to the corner.

Dr. Robert Malone at The Epoch Times  

COVID-19 Vaccines Hinder the Immune System, Lead to More Severe Illness: Dr. Robert Malone

QUOTE: A study out of the United Kingdom has shown that health care workers who received multiple COVID-19 vaccine boosters after initially being infected with the original virus strain from Wuhan are more prone to chronic reinfection from the Omicron variant.

This may help explain why the people who have received several COVID-19 vaccine boosters are increasingly the ones who end up in the hospital with severe COVID-19 symptoms, sometimes resulting in death, said scientist and physician Dr. Robert Malone.

In a July 21 interview for EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program, Malone, an inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, said this phenomenon is the result of a process called “immune imprinting,” whereby initial exposure to a virus strain may prevent the body from producing enough neutralizing antibodies against a newer strain.

He added that this process is reinforced by multiple inoculations.

“All over the world, we are seeing these datasets that show that, unfortunately, the people that are dying and being hospitalized are overwhelmingly the highly vaccinated,” he said. “It is not those that have natural immunity.”

3- It is well documented that Big Tech has been silencing information in a variety of ways. There is a large lawsuit proceeding to fight back on this violation of free speech by the Global Elites who control Big Tech.

Red State 

Scientists and Doctors Join Massive Lawsuit Claiming Biden Admin., Big Tech Violated Free Speech Rights Over COVID

QUOTE: In May, Susie Moore reported at Red State, on the Attorneys General for Louisiana and Missouri filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration for working hand in glove with Big Tech behemoths like Twitter, Meta (Facebook/Instagram), and YouTube to suppress the First Amendment rights of Americans.

Now, scientists and doctors have added their voices to the collusion suit against the Biden administration and the social media companies that allegedly did their dirty work. In a press release, the New Civil Liberties Alliance announced earlier this week that it was joining the suit on behalf of its clients.

The release continued by describing the types of censorship that many conservatives are, by now, very familiar with:

Government-induced censorship is achieved through a wide variety of mechanisms, ranging from complete bans, temporary bans, “shadow bans” (where often neither the user nor his audience is notified of the suppression of speech), deboosting, de-platforming, de-monetizing, restricting access to content, requiring users to take down content, and imposing warning labels that require click-through to access content, among others. These methods also include temporary and permanent suspensions of disfavored speakers.

This sort of censorship, which strikes at the heart of what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect—free speech, especially political speech—constitutes unlawful government action. The federal government is deciding whose voices and ideas may be heard, and whose voices and ideas must be silenced. Moreover, this state action deprives Americans of their right to hear the views of those who are being silenced, a First Amendment corollary of the right to free speech. The government’s policy of coercing social-media companies to censor Plaintiffs’ viewpoints should be declared unlawful and halted immediately.


Hold Fast,

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