Evidence of fraud in


Now Is The Time To Act

We encourage people to contact their state legislators to demand they get involved per Article II and ensure election integrity and that the People are not disenfranchised by fraud.

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, click below to locate your legislator using your address.


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Biden – 1,630,866 (49.45%)
Trump – 1,610,184 (48.82%)

WI is a little swingy with third party and independents, with more play in those numbers than PA and MI. Additionally, with a much smaller state, excess vote totals are lower. Estimating Biden at 139k statewide excess in a state he “won” by 21k, on the strength of a 3:42 AM vote drop on 11/4 of 168,000 ballots going 85/15% for him.

Red – High Fraud
Yellow – Moderate/Suspect Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud

Dane and Milwaukee both appear to be 15k heavy (lenient). The state, mostly within these two counties, had 244k “indefinitely confined” voters due to COVID, 4x the amount they had in the previous election. This allows a workaround to voter ID. Trump still trended western WI, which was key to his 2016 win.

if Biden is 139k heavy, Trump margin in WI was about 51.0% to 47.2%, or 3.8% overall (118k votes).

Best for audits – St. Croix (5k excess), Outagamie (6k) Brown (7k), Waukesha (10k), Calumet (3k), Winnebago (3k), Oneida (2k)