Dear Patriots,

When we wrote to you recently, we promised that you would know FIRST when our work was going to make news.

Today, Sidney and her amazing legal team filed a brief that will no doubt attract media coverage. We want you to know the truth and the reasons behind all of this so you can feel confident in Sidney and Team Kraken and also so that you can explain it to your friends and family who only have time to skim headlines.

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes legal work being done and more filings coming in the weeks ahead. We will always try to get you the facts so that you don’t fall into the drain from the spin cycle.

As Sidney wrote recently: There is no way we can avoid horrid press. That’s what they do. We stay calm and carry on.

Here is background and a statement on the filing, we will have more for you later tonight.  Stay tuned!!


1- A Motion to Strike Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ unpredicated, untimely and purely political attempt to get sanctions against Team Kraken was filed today.

Here is Sidney’s statement on the Wisconsin motion:

Thursday, April 8, 2021



We moved to strike Governor Evers’ Motion for Sanctions against us because it was without predicate, it was filed over two months after the Seventh Circuit dismissed and ordered the opinion vacated as moot, and long after the district court entered its order vacating its decision. In short, Governor Evers sought sanctions as a publicity and political tactic and for harassment-not based on law.

To put his actions into perspective, this is the same governor who illegally tried to postpone Wisconsin’s April 2020 primary election, only to be struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The rules and law do not extend time for filing motions “to infinity and beyond” * to harass a plaintiff in what amounts to nothing more than political grandstanding.

*Buzz Lightyear, TOY STORY (Pixar 1995)


As you can see, Sidney and her legal team have strong arguments for  the abusive sanctions motion to be struck.  We expect the media “experts” to weigh in with all sorts of spin and lies.

You are armed with the truth and the reasoning.

We appreciate your support, good wishes, and prayers as we seek to expose the Truth and fight for We the People.

Thank you,

Sidney Powell and Team Kraken at