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Some may wonder why we take the time and effort to produce a newsletter three times a week.

We do because we are committed to staying in touch with the people who have supported our efforts.

We do because we know that the effort to suppress information is unrelenting and we want to point you to other opinions and facts from sources that are not an arm of the Democrat Party or a subsidiary of a drug company.

1- You may recognize many of these as sources we use in this newsletter. We actively read and direct your attention to these sites as they are not owned by anti-American interests. These are sources the left has been trying to destroy for a decade. And yet, they persist. They do so because there is still a thirst for different points of view in America.


Why we fight: The blacklist against conservative viewpoints by Big Tech

QUOTE: And some may have thought we were kidding or overreacting when criticizing Big Tech and its silencing of opposing viewpoints. If anything, we may have underestimated the weaponization of Big Tech platforms. In a blockbuster series of reports, the Washington Examiner reveals that Microsoft has partnered with a leftist group that creates “secret blacklists” to deamplify conservative websites and prevent them from gaining value for advertising.

Gabe Kaminsky reveals this in Part 3 of his Disinformation Inc series, which exposes how the “disinformation” craze is justifying censorship and political blacklisting:

A advertising company owned by Microsoft that subscribes to a left-leaning “disinformation” group’s secret blacklist for conservative media outlets has been internally flagging right-leaning websites and taking steps to defund and deplatform them, according to records obtained by the Washington Examiner and whistleblowers in the advertising industry.

The Global Disinformation Index, a British organization with two affiliated U.S. nonprofit groups, is feeding secret blacklists to ad companies, such as Xandr , with the intent of shutting down websites peddling alleged “disinformation.” Now, sets of documents and emails leaked to the Washington Examiner shed light on how Xandr, which Microsoft bought in 2021 for $1 billion, has targeted disfavored speech and blocked conservative websites from reaping key ad dollars. …

GDI’s “dynamic exclusion list” includes at least 2,000 domains, many of which are “foreign state-sponsored news and opinion sites, forums that traffic in disinformation, and explicitly sanctioned websites,” according to a second source close to Microsoft. Each month, GDI sends Xandr a list of websites on this blacklist, said the source.

It’s not all foreign actors, bots, and trolls, as Kaminsky shows.

The blacklist includes nearly a who’s-who of American conservative platforms – including HotAir and our sister sites Twitchy, RedState, and Townhall:

























2- It is worth your time to watch Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina uncover the massive Twitter suppression of medical experts who had opinions that did not jive with government Covid-CCP injection propaganda.

Watch it here.

3- Cancelling conservative voices is a massive leftist campaign.


Dems Using ‘Woke’ Companies for Censorship Agenda

QUOTE: Devin Nunes, CEO of the Trump Media and Technology Group, had trouble feigning surprise when hearing reports of Democratic Party lawmakers writing letters to media conglomerates and cable systems and demanding the removal of conservative networks.
“They’re doing this across the board. They want these woke corporations to continue their censorship. That’s what’s going on at Newsmax right now, and that’s what they did to One America News,” Nunes told Newsmax Friday afternoon, while appearing on “The Chris Salcedo Show.”
Nunes was referencing AT&T’s DirecTV purging Newsmax from its lineup, essentially mimicking what it did to OAN last April.

“Back then, not enough people spoke out” against OAN being removed, lamented Nunes. “But now, they’ve done it to Newsmax … and it’s having an impact with a lot people canceling DirecTV” in return.
“The question is: Do the woke creatures at DirecTV even care? Honestly, I think they don’t,” said Nunes, who then added that former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social app — which has quickly become one of the industry’s most popular social networks — still cannot garner the Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval on setting up a system of public financing.
“And at the same time, look at what they’re doing to Newsmax,” said Nunes.

Newsmax, the fourth highest-rated news network in the cable landscape and a top-20 channel overall, reaches 25 million Americans every week, according to the Nielsen ratings. And yet, AT&T’s DirecTV tried to justify dropping the network, due to “cost-cutting” measures.

DirecTV customers call toll free at 877-763-9762 to cancel/complain


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