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Were you afraid to go to bed last night? Afraid that, when you woke up, mysterious ballots had appeared at 3am to give the elections to the Democrats?
High turnout overcame the cheat. And believe it, there was cheating. We will let the dust settle and have much more about Election 2021 in Good News Friday! Because, there is a lot of good news. Americans are fighting back against all the left has shoved into our lives.
In the meantime, here is related information we think you need to know about.


There are two well researched books available now that give you deep knowledge of two subjects that we have been concentrating on for a year: election fraud and Covid-CCP fraud.

When we have correct, factual information we have more power over the evil lies of fake media. There has never been more false information — or more blatant disregard for facts — than everything surrounding the 2020 election and the virus.

We are drowning in deceptions.

These books are important for many reasons but most important, they put the truth in writing which keeps the left from rewriting the history. They correct the false national perceptions with the undisputed truth.

1- Mollie Hemingway has done an astounding investigation into election fraud. It may have first come to your attention that fraud infected the 2020 election. As Mollie discovers, there has been fraud in USA elections for the past four decades.

Read this entire article. You will be shocked. It gets to the main points of the Mollie Hemingway book.

(The Federalist) 

7 Insane Things I Just Learned About How U.S. Elections Are ‘Rigged’

QUOTE: My colleague, Mollie Hemingway, just put out a new, bestselling book that also documents things like big tech hiding election-shifting news from voters and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg embedding Democrat get-out-the-vote operations inside local election offices — which are supposed to be nonpartisan! What’s more, all these cheats affixed into our nation’s election machinery haven’t been scrubbed away, not by a long shot.

While I work with Mollie and am highly aware of media corruption since it’s our bread and butter here at The Federalist, she still had many surprises for me inside “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.” Here I’ll share a few things she reports in the book that made me gasp out loud.

2- Here is another review of the Hemingway book. You can purchase the Hemingway book here.

(American Greatness)  

How the 2020 Election Was Rigged

A review of “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections,” by Mollie Hemingway

QUOTE: We are a year overdue for the true story of the 2020 elections. Mollie Hemingway has at last delivered it to us in one tidy volume.

It’s a complex story, which makes for a weighty book. The research is thorough, the writing is evidentiary, the style is clinical—like investigative journalism and social science used to be. The endnotes alone run nearly 100 pages.

Reading Rigged, one isn’t jarred by hyperbole, conjecture, or spin. Hemingway is unequivocal on progressive malice, yet she can be scathing of Republicans, too. She is particularly critical of Rudy Giuliani’s attempts to publicize fraud nationally, thereby undermining prior case-by-case efforts to get particular state courts to recognize particular violations of particular state laws.

She also calls out Republican officials who preferred to help the opposition rather than reveal their own state’s dysfunctions. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office, for instance, secretly recorded a telephone appeal from Trump to expose fraud in Fulton County, then misrepresented Trump to the press as asking for the statewide result to be changed.

Overall, the story reads like a tragedy. One alternates between anger and consternation that bleeding obvious facts were not reported by the mainstream media at the time.

3- Another book you may want to peruse is this first hand account, from inside the Oval Office, of the year the world got Covid-CCP.

Peter Navarro took notes. Those notes and his daily diary are now available to you.

His book can be purchased here. 


Trump aide Peter Navarro exposes the dangerous Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is in for a shellacking Tuesday when a bombshell new book by former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro lands.

“In Trump Time, A Journal of America’s Plague Year” is a rollicking personal diary studded with insider confidences, and it sets its sights squarely on the chief medical adviser to the president.

Navarro writes that Fauci did “more damage to this nation, President Trump and the world than anyone else this side of the Bat Lady of Wuhan.”

He holds Fauci accountable for “everything from the Wuhan lab gain-of-function catastrophe and suppression of low-cost therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to the political, partisan and deadly delay in delivering the Trump vaccines to the American people.”

4- Two medical scholars are calling out Fauci for medical malpractice due to the inept way he has responded to Covid-CCP. They go through ever single mandate and protocol we have been forced to abide, and point out how wrong it all is.

Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., is an epidemiologist, biostatistician, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Jay Bhattacharya, MD, Ph.D., is a Professor of Health Policy at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Both are Senior Scholars at the newly formed Brownstone Institute.


How Fauci Fooled America

QUOTE: In private conversations, most of our scientific colleagues agree with us on these points. While a few have spoken up, why are not more doing so? Well, some tried but failed. Others kept silent when they saw colleagues slandered and smeared in the media or censored by Big Tech.

Some are government employees who are barred from contradicting official policy. Many are afraid of losing positions or research grants, aware that Dr. Fauci sits on top of the largest pile of infectious disease research money in the world. Most scientists are not experts on infectious disease outbreaks. Were we, say, oncologists, physicists or botanists, we would probably also have trusted Dr. Fauci.

The evidence is in. Governors, journalists, scientists, university presidents, hospital administrators and business leaders can continue to follow Dr. Anthony Fauci or open their eyes. After 700,000-plus COVID deaths and the devastating effects of lockdowns, it is time to return to basic principles of public health.

5- REAL journalism is not dead. But, it has changed. Bobby Burack at Outkick explains the changes that are happening, including the growth of Substack, which we have pointed you to many times.


Legacy Media Won’t Die Quietly

QUOTE: Substack, which does not compel writers to participate in this strange racial Olympics, now has more than 500,000 paying subscribers across all of its newsletters. At Substack, subscribers pay for individual writers that offer individual ideas and arguments, not a new version of the same script.

Matthew Yglesias has amassed 12,000 subscribers on Substack and he keeps around 90% of the revenue. Greenwald has said his newsletter generates more than $1.5 million annually. So journalism isn’t dead. The careers of elitist journalists who have condescending attitudes are dying though. Quickly.

Legacy media’s disconnect from the public stretches beyond race. Democrat Terry McAuliffe may lose the Virginia gubernatorial election this year because parents are stunned by the radicalization of the Virginia public school system, a system that the media has told us voters accept.

Now you know why the media, of all industries, aggressively supports boycotts and suppression. It’s their last, best hope. Unless NPR can help de-platform its challengers — who are clearly winning — it won’t be relevant again. Legacy media is a dying breed, holding onto its last gasp of prominence: calling people racist.

The media industry is self-satisfying. Nearly every member pursued a media career path to feel better about himself or herself and to garner symbols of importance — Ivy League degrees, awards, access, social followings, status, and public reaction. For such a group, nothing’s worse than this current state of insignificance for which they are responsible.

6- This is a curious story from National Public Radio.
One of the reasons we all initially compiled with the lockdowns for Covid-CCP was to help hospitals from being overburdened. It seems that now they are suddenly becoming swamped with ill people who do not necessarily have Covid-CCP.
What could be causing this?

(Michigan Radio, NPR and KHN)

ERs Are Swamped With Seriously Ill Patients, Although Many Don’t Have Covid

QUOTE:  Even in parts of the country where covid isn’t overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care.

Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions and suicide attempts, among other conditions.

But they can hardly be accommodated. Emergency departments, ideally, are meant to be brief ports in a storm, with patients staying just long enough to be sent home with instructions to follow up with primary care physicians, or sufficiently stabilized to be transferred “upstairs” to inpatient or intensive care units.

Except now those long-term care floors are full too, with a mix of covid and non-covid patients. People coming to the ER get warehoused for hours, even days, forcing ER staffers to perform long-term care roles they weren’t trained to do.


Read. Know. Share. Pray.

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