Dear Patriots,

We are in the midst of volatile times. We are justified to be completely furious about the many aspects of our daily lives being ruined by leftist policies and attacks.

It is important to keep our heads.
Keep sharing information.
Pray without ceasing for our embattled country.

1- Please do not take the left’s bait. Do not participate in any protest about the possible arrest of President Trump.

Glenn K. Beaton at The Aspen Beat

Dems will infiltrate Trump street protests to turn them violent

QUOTE: Donald Trump has characterized his impending arrest this week as a political vendetta, and has urged his supporters to take to the streets in protest.I agree with him that it’s a political vendetta, but disagree about taking to the streets.

It is indeed a nakedly political act by the Manhattan District Attorney. Numerous other prosecutors including sophisticated federal prosecutors have reviewed this same evidence, and have declined to pursue this case.

Unless there are violent protests. You think the protests won’t turn violent? Consider this. The Dems want that violence in order to paint Trump and his supporters as violent people. They are sure to infiltrate the protests in the guise of being on Trump’s side, just as the FBI apparently did on Jan. 6, for the express purpose of inciting violence in otherwise peaceful crowds of Trump supporters. Trump, his supporters, and Republicans in general will get the blame.

My advice to Trump supporters is don’t take the bait. If you stay home, Trump can and will win his case and very possibly his campaign. On the other hand, if you take to the streets, it might feel good, but the price you pay for that evening of feel-goodery will be another four years of a presidency led by the stupid, corrupt Biden crime family that is destroying America.

2- More background information on the weak case against President Trump.

Margot Cleveland at The Federalist

Indicting Trump Will Usher In America’s Banana-Republic Stage

QUOTE: A Manhattan grand jury appears poised to indict Donald Trump, according to news reports and the former president himself. Here’s what you need to know to understand the chatter about the anticipated criminal charges against Trump—and why the move to indict a former president for the first time in our country’s history will make political prosecutions the new norm in America.

Even before reaching the merits of the legal theories being bandied about to charge Trump criminally, a public suspicious of the Get-Trump attitude seen over the last seven years will notice the statute of limitations seems to bar Bragg’s prosecution of Trump. But Bragg has two ways to sidestep the two- and five-year statutory time limits.

Should prosecutors nonetheless prove their case, it is only a misdemeanor, unless they can further establish Trump intended “to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission” of another crime. Proving either will be even more challenging.

First, to establish Trump intended to conceal a violation of federal election law, the Manhattan D.A. would need to prove Trump had committed an election-law crime. While Cohen alleged paying off Daniels to advance Trump’s electoral chances, Trump has another justification, namely avoiding any embarrassment for himself and his family, that does not run afoul of federal election law.

Proving Trump intended to commit tax fraud would likely be a difficult case to prove as well, with prosecutors needing to establish Trump’s knowledge of the intricacies of the corporation’s tax filings to show he held the requisite intent.

This inside-the-law analysis reveals an exceedingly weak case, but that is only a fraction of what the public will care about. On top of the questionable charges, the general public will see a man hounded for seven years with false claims of Russia collusion and other supposed crimes. They will see a statute of limitations that on its face appears to have run. And they will see a local prosecutor pushing charges previously rejected by a federal U.S. attorney.

Then there was the public pressure placed on Bragg to indict Trump, best exemplified by the backlash he faced after he apparently backed off charging the former president for crimes supposedly connected to the Trump Organization’s finances. At the time, “two prosecutors quit his office,” and “one of the prosecutors, Mark Pomerantz, wrote a highly critical book that the media has celebrated.”

In short, the public will see a vindictive political prosecution of Trump.

3- Attacking conservatives is becoming a big issue.


‘Rogue DAs’ Attack Conservatives

QUOTE: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Newsmax Tuesday that “the left is using the judicial system” to go after “conservatives who are fighting for Americans,” like former President Donald Trump.

“This is what the founders were worried about,” Paxton said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “This is one of the reasons they separated, because they were not getting due process. The court system was being used against them in political ways.”

“And here we are today … we have rogue DAs and rogue prosecutors at the federal level who go after conservatives who are fighting for Americans, and Trump is no exception,” he continued. “He’s in their way, and they’ve done everything they can to take him out of office and they’ve done everything they can to keep him out of office. I would not be surprised if they trump up some charges — no pun intended there — to just take him out of the battle.”

When asked what states can do to rein in rogue district attorneys who pursue political prosecutions, Paxton said it’s important to call out abuses of power.

“We can only do what we can do in our own states, but we can speak out and we can not be afraid to speak out and call it what it is, which is out of control rogue prosecutors, so that the American people understand what’s going on here,” he said. “This is what happens to you if you go fight the fight for the American people or for your citizens. They will come after you and they will taint you in any way they can.”

4- Pray for The Truth Tellers.


Biologist Richard Dawkins Declares There Are ‘Only Two Sexes’, Decries Woke ‘Bullying’ of J.K. Rowling

QUOTE: British evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins lashed out at modern leftist concepts on gender and the woke “bullying” of women such as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for her feminist critique of the transgender movement in the West.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s programme on TalkTV on Monday evening, University of Oxford emeritus fellow Richard Dawkins decried the state of modern discourse, particularly surrounding issues of transgederism and on college campuses in general.

“It’s bullying. We’ve seen the way JK Rowling has been bullied, Kathleen Stock has been bullied. They’ve stood up to it, but it’s very upsetting the way this tiny minority of people has managed to capture the discourse to talk errant nonsense,” Dawkins said.

The God Delusion author went on to plant himself on the side of “science” in the debate, saying: “There are two sexes. You could talk about gender if you wish and that’s a subjective [statement].

When pressed by Morgan on his response to people who say that there are “100 genders”, Dawkins replied: “I’m not interested in that. As a biologist, there are two sexes and that’s all there is to it.”

For challenging woke orthodoxy surrounding gender, J.K. Rowling has revealed that she has been subjected to “many death threats” and has had her family home doxed by leftist activists.

Continuing her strident stance against what she claims is an anti-woman movement, Rowling said last week: “I believe, absolutely, that there is something dangerous about this movement, and it must be challenged.”

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