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There has been quite a bit of news on voting machines in the past few days.

At Defending The Republic we believe that no voting machines should ever be used. All votes should (1) be cast by paper ballot; and, (2) be hand counted on the day of the election.

1- Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s (CISA) claim that the 2020 election was “most secure in American history” has very clearly been disproven by its own report two years later. CISA is a division of Homeland Security.  Here is the report.

Trending Politics 

Highly Anticipated CISA Report on Dominion Voting Machines Proves ‘Most Secure Election in History’ Was a Lie

QUOTE: A highly anticipated report issued Friday by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, also known as CISA, is providing official documentation of the major security flaws posed by Dominion Voting Systems Machines. It comes nearly two years after the 2020 presidential election, which the agency had called the “most secure election in history.”

While the CISA report states that it has “no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections,” it nonetheless highlights at least nine concrete, alarming security vulnerabilities. The CISA report was issued based on the analysis of J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan, and Drew Springall of Auburn University.

QUOTE: The report states that the security advisery affects the following versions of the Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast X software are known to be affected (other versions were not able to be tested): ImageCast X firmware based on Android 5.1, as used in Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System Version 5.5-A and ImageCast X application Versions and, as used in Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System Version 5.5-A.

The vulnerability overview lists nine different security concerns. It is important to go beyond the advisery document itself to get a clear picture of the vulnerability. The security vulnerabilities justify the concerns of election observers who pointed out that admin rights could be used to override security features and that the system could potentially be hijacked due to “spoofing.”

QUOTE: CISA can claim that it has no evidence of voting machines being exploited, but voters are left to wonder if that is because it didn’t seriously look. After all, CISA is only admitting now that all of voters’ concerns about the poor security of Dominion voting machines were valid. Yet, all of these concerned voters have been smeared as ‘conspiracy theorists’ for years. It turns out that they were right to be concerned.

2- More and more evidence is emerging in Arizona that Biden did not win.

Populist Press 

19,000 Ballots Found — Could Overturn Another Election

QUOTE: New evidence of election irregularities in the Nov. 2020 general election has been exposed and identified as an anomaly in Maricopa County, Arizona ‑because of the length of time after the election, the absentee ballots were added to the overall numbers.

It is important to remember that Joe Biden ‘won’ the state with 10,457 more votes than Donald J. Trump, and Fox News called the state for Biden- just one hour after the polls closed, setting off a chain of events that would catapult Biden into the White House and leave Americans completely disenfranchised, with no remedy to the obvious concerns of fraud.

And now we find out that ballots were going to come in for the next seven days in that state that were over and above the number they claimed Biden won.

3- Georgia continues to be a voting nightmare. Huge discrepancies have been found in one race between the machine tally and what was counted by hand.

Georgia Record 

Dekalb County Recount Shows Massive Difference Between Machine Count And Hand Count From May 24th Primary – Election Results Changed, Electronic Database Suspected

QUOTE: Dekalb County, GA undertook a hand recount in the District 2 County Commission May 24th election after questions were raised over equipment ‘malfunctions’.

DeKalb VRE Executive Director Keisha Smith issued a press release to distribute the recount tabulation which changed the results and the runoff participants.

The press release does not explain the large discrepancy between the machine count on Election Night and the subsequent hand count. It also doesn’t explain the appearance of 2,810 more votes cast than were initially reported, reported Decaturish.

DeKalb VRE at first declined to release results of the hand count of paper ballots, which election workers finished at 12:30 a.m. on May 31, citing questions about the accuracy of the count.

Local Dekalb online newspaper Decaturish filed a formal records request for the immediate release of this information with an explanation about why election officials feel the hand tally count is inaccurate, or provide a legal justification for withholding the information.

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of the machines, Georgia?

4- More people admit their guilt in 2020 election fraud.

The Gateway Pundit 

Yuma County Woman Finally Pleads Guilty In Ballot Trafficking Case

QUOTE: Gadsden Elementary School Board Member and former Mayor of San Luis Guillermina Fuentes has pleaded guilty to her role in a sophisticated ballot trafficking ring during the 2020 Arizona primary.

Fuentes was originally indicted for two Class 4 felonies of Forgery and Conspiracy, a Class 5 felony of Ballot Abuse, and a Class 6 felony of Ballot Abuse. She pleaded guilty to only one class 6 felony for ballot abuse, despite trafficking many ballots and forging signatures on ballots. The charges for ballot signature forgery were dropped.

According to Arizona State Senate candidate Gary Snyder, her next sentencing hearing is on June 16th at 1:30 pm.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Guillermina Fuentes was set to plead guilty today for illegally harvesting ballots for Democrats in Arizona.

A second accomplice, Alma Yadira Juarez, also pleaded guilty for her role in a local ballot trafficking operation during the 2020 primary election long after this evidence was delivered to law enforcement. Juarez, who was indicted in December 2020, admitted to authorities that Fuentes gave her the ballots to stuff into ballot boxes. Fuentes was later indicted for multiple felonies.

5- This movie is having an impact on opinion of even Democrats.

The Gateway Pundit 

Poll: Majority of Democrats ‘Strengthened Their Convictions Of Widespread Fraud’ In 2020 Election After Watching 2000 Mules

QUOTE: The documentary film “2000 Mules,” created by Dinesh D’Souza irrefutably confirms the widespread belief that Democrats stole the election in 2020.

Despite the effort to debunk and discount the 2000 Mules, 40 percent of likely voters are aware of the historic documentary and at least 20 million voters have seen the film, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Even Democrats don’t believe Biden was legitimately elected.

The survey shows a majority of likely Democrat and independent voters “strengthened their convictions of widespread fraud” during the 2020 presidential election after watching the bombshell exposé.

The truth will prevail.

Pray. Know. Share.

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