Dear Patriots,

There is still so much about the election of November 2020 and the aftermath that remains shrouded in lies and secrecy.

One person at the center of this tumultuous time was our own, Sidney Powell. If you have read her excellent book, Licensed To Lie  you know that Sidney can tell a story!

Today, we are sending you an Op-Ed that Sidney has written outlining the behind the scenes story of the coup that placed Joe Biden in the White House and the extraordinary efforts by Nancy Pelosi on January 6 that made it possible.

The Untold Election Case That Should Have Stopped The Coup

Why Nancy Pelosi Had To Hurry on January 6

By Sidney Powell

Go to our website to read the whole story and share it with those in your orbits.

We do not have a reliable press, The Fourth Estate, anymore.  It is up to us to tell the truth and pass it on.

This is the Truth.

Read. Know. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken