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Rigging elections and all of the recent shocking facts about the Biden Crime Family go hand in hand. Refusing to address the volumes of evidence of the Biden Family taking bribes from foreign countries, was a form of election inference. This interference was perpetuated by the all of the media, all politicians, all Big Tech, all Democrats.

The truth IS getting out. You are part of that process. Share the truth. It is vital.

1- Peter Schweizer has been researching and writing books for 20 years which outline the massive corruptions by Clintons, Bidens, and Kerrys, to name a few. He has never been challenged on this research or sued by any of the parties. He is an expert on the massive crimes committed by, mostly, powerful Democrats.

They have been getting a free ride on their treasonous crimes for decades. Hopefully, that is coming to end.


Peter Schweizer: ‘The Dam Is Starting to Break’ on Biden Family Corruption

QUOTE: “The dam is starting to break” on the Biden family corruption, multiple New York Times best-seller author Peter Schweizer said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.
Schweizer, a senior contributor at Breitbart News and president of the Government Accountability Institute, spoke about the recent Hunter Biden whistleblower revelations.

“This is really, really important. The dam is starting to break — truly the first time you’ve had somebody from inside the government who has said, ‘Wait a minute, the way this is being handled is wrong,'” he said, praising the whistleblowers who could otherwise retire and have comfortable lives.

“Based on what they’ve told us, is that under ordinary circumstances, Hunter Biden would, right now, be facing indictments not only for tax evasion charges, which are felonies,” but also for violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Schweizer explained. “The U.S. Attorney in Delaware wanted to bring charges in both of those areas and was blocked by the Department of Justice (DOJ),” he said, explaining that the revelations also reveal that the DOJ not only failed to do its job but applied a different set of standards to Hunter. We’re gonna call the person that is the subject of the search warrant. We’re going to call their lawyer and let them know a couple of days in advance that the search is coming,” he said, speaking of the special treatment issued to Hunter Biden.

Describing it as an “enormous breakthrough,” Schweizer added, “I don’t think these whistleblowers would come forward, except for the fact that this is true, and as they said, all of this can easily be corroborated based on correspondents and based on the information that’s available.”

“It is a devastating blow, and if you look through American history — whether it’s Watergate or other scandals — oftentimes it’s a cover-up that gets them because they get arrogant. They get greedy. They think they can get away with it, and that’s usually when they get caught,” the Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win author said.

Schweizer also weighed in on the new statement issued by a White House Council spokesman, who now said President Joe Biden was never in business with his son. The author described this as the “continued erosion of their position.”

“When we first exposed, in 2018, their deals in China, their initial response was there are no deals in China. Then it became well, there might be deals in China, but Hunter Biden didn’t make any money in China. And then, of course, that. So you see this continue to erosion,” Schweizer said, also pointing to the defense of the Biden team on Hunter’s involvement with Burisma.

“The defense from the Biden team was always this was a legitimate enterprise, as Hunter is a highly trained lawyer and an international businessman. Now their position has evolved during the same time period to say, ‘Well, look, Hunter was a drug addict. He didn’t really know what he was doing. He didn’t really know what he was saying,'” he said.

“The point is, they are flipping and flopping because they know that the noose on this entire enterprise is starting to tighten. And I think that this is going to have major repercussions not just for the Biden family, but for the 2024 election,” he said, adding that he would not be shocked to see someone such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) jumping into the presidential race “not just on some of the questions about where the President is mentally because of his age, but also because this scandal has legs.”

Indeed, recent surveys indicate that the American electorate view Biden himself as corrupt, “involved with his son in an illegal influence peddling scheme,” and Schweizer also pointed to that fact.

“We already see polls, Harvard Harris poll, showing a comfortable majority of Americans, including independents, fundamentally believe that he was engaged in criminal activity to aid and help his family’s business,” he added.

2- All of the “election deniers” were right. But….we knew that.

The Federalist 

Whistleblower Transcripts Show Scope Of DOJ Election Rigging

QUOTE: All roads lead to Hunter Biden. That is, all roads paved with (alleged) extortion, bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, prostitution, drug abuse, and, most importantly, election rigging. The roads traversed by Internal Revenue Service agents-turned-whistleblowers — whose disclosures to the House Ways and Means Committee were released as transcripts on Thursday — are no exception.

The troubled Biden son has always been at the center of concerns about the 2020 election, in the form of the infamous “Hunter Biden laptop.” When reports surfaced in October 2020 of an abandoned laptop showing the dirty details of not only Hunter’s shady business enterprises and potentially criminal conduct but also then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s knowledge of and involvement in it, the corrupt Department of Justice joined hands with Big Tech censors and media propagandists to hide the story.

This was hugely significant, not only because it exposed the depravity of federal law enforcement and America’s information gatekeepers, but also because polling showed that if voters had known the depths of Biden family filth at the time, a potentially scale-tipping number of them would have voted differently in the 2020 election.

The IRS whistleblower transcripts released on Thursday, however, add new layers to the election rigging. According to the IRS agents who came forward, federal agencies abandoned standard procedures to slow-walk investigations into Hunter Biden, ignored agents who pushed for the investigation to move forward properly, retaliated against those agents, and — crucially — interfered even further in the 2020 election by making sure not to go public with details of their investigation until Donald Trump was on his way out the door and Joe Biden was safely elected.

You might not care about the chronology or seemingly mundane details of an IRS investigation. Heck, most Americans would rather not think about the IRS ever, for any reason. But this is more than a bureaucratic timeline. It’s an account — under penalty of perjury, from two respected IRS agents who were present for these hangups — that exposes the next layer of the deep state’s proven record of interference in the 2020 election.

That matters not only because the interference has shattered Americans’ confidence in our electoral process, but because conservatives who were decried as conspiracy theorists and “election deniers” for calling foul in 2020 were right all along.

The Democrat regime interfered in the election, plain and simple

But the regime’s deep-state footsoldiers are perhaps the most egregious offenders. Their censorship and legal malpractice to shield the Biden family were in-kind campaign contributions to the now-president — who likely wouldn’t hold that title without their help.

3- Why would officials not make a change immediately?


Georgia won’t update Dominion voting machines before 2024, despite cybersecurity expert warnings

QUOTE: Georgia is delaying a software update for its Dominion voting machines until after the 2024 presidential election, despite cybersecurity experts warning of  vulnerabilities.

A nearly 2-year-old report was finally made public last week and showed Dominion voting machines had significant vulnerabilities, which led the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue a public advisory last year based on the findings.

However, Georgia election officials say that the machines won’t be updated until after the 2024 elections because it’s such a massive undertaking.

The report was completed in July 2021 by University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman with Professor Drew Springall, of Auburn University, and focused in part on vulnerabilities they found after examining Dominion’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices for three months.

A redacted copy of the report was released June 14 by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division. ​

The report was completed on behalf of the plaintiffs in the case of Curling v. Raffensperger and found the Dominion machines are vulnerable to vote flipping.

The broader voting system could be attacked if bad actors have the same access to it as certain county-level election officials, the report also concluded.
However, Halderman stated there is no evidence such vulnerabilities have been exploited in past elections.

“My technical findings leave Georgia voters with greatly diminished grounds to be confident that the votes they cast on [the current Dominion ballot-marking devices] are secured, that their votes will be counted correctly, or that any future elections using Georgia’s [ballot-marking devices] will be reasonably secure from attack and produce correct results,” he wrote.

4- This interview with Dr. Syed Haider is helpful. He has treated thousands of patients with Covid-CCP and now with health issues resulting from the injection. We are not doctors and we are not offering medical advice. We are providing you with information to make your own decisions. 

For the reason the government trashed ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-CCP, listen to RFK, Jr explain it to Joe Rogan. It is at the 1:59 to 2:03  point into the interview.

Rogan on Rumble   … Interview at the link.

The Epoch Times

Dr. Syed Haider: How the Mind Can Fuel Disease, Lifestyle Tools to Fix This, and the Incredible Ivermectin

QUOTE: Since the start of the pandemic, Dr. Syed Haider has prescribed ivermectin to tens of thousands of patients, in many cases offering his services for free. Today, his functional medicine practice primarily focuses on treating long COVID and COVID vaccine injury.

“Functional medicine is basically … medicine on steroids. It’s like medicine the way it really should be practiced, and it’s the opposite of … Fauci medicine,” says Haider.

Haider is passionate about helping people change their lifestyle habits and tap into their subconscious mind. He argues that your mindset and what you believe can have a profound impact on your health.

“First, do no harm. Really, the only way you can truly practice that is by doing lifestyle medicine first. It has to be lifestyle first. There is no harm from eating better and getting some more sun and sleeping properly and exercising,” says Haider. “Obviously, you can overdo it, you can hurt yourself, but within the limits of what is normal and natural, it’s not harmful to be in a natural, normal, healthy environment, right? That is, by definition, good for you. So, it’s a matter of figuring out what that normal is and not exceeding those bounds.”

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