Dear Patriots,

This week we encourage you as individuals and as a nation to count our blessings.  As a country, we find ourselves on a precarious path, and it is tempting to fall into despair and give up. However, God has blessed this country from its inception, and we are entrusted to be good stewards of it. We will not be silent in the face of injustice and evil.

Now, especially as we approach Thanksgiving, we encourage all to search their hearts, restore their souls, and work even harder to return God to his rightful place in our daily lives and in our country.  It is imperative we protect our God-given rights.

This week we witnessed a display of the best system of laws and justice known to mankind. Nothing created by man is perfect, and our justice system is a continuous example. However, when laws are followed, when juries do their jobs without fear and truth comes to light, our system can render a just result.

We are thankful for the rule of law and for our Constitution. We will continue to work on all fronts—to protect our God-given and constitutional rights.

We stand for Truth, Righteousness and Justice. We ask you to join us and do the same.  We are thankful for you.


One of the gifts Rush Limbaugh gave his audience each year was the reminder of the REAL Thanksgiving story.
It is nice to hear him tell it in his wonderful voice.
Thanksgiving 2021 brings our request for you to take the time to love and enjoy your families and friends. “The family” is under constant pressure in these troubling times.
The traditions that we establish over the holidays are the glue that holds families and societies together.
These are the days of memories that build on to our children’s values.
When and where we gather, the food we eat, the family activities we repeat year after year, are the habits and traditions that give our lives value and joy.
We live in a miraculous place called America and we should all thank God for that happenstance.
At Defending The Republic, we are thankful daily for your kind encouragements and support.
We wish you a comforting holiday with people you love and food you enjoy!

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic