Dear Patriots,

The key to success for the totalitarian, anti-America, woke cabal is to keep truth from the majority of the people.

The left, worldwide, works very hard, in a multitude of ways, to shut down truth, facts, and alternative opinions and solutions. This past week, we saw some cracks in the wall of lies they have erected.

We pray that more lies are uncovered and new facts are unearthed on January 6, Covid-CCP, injections, and voter fraud, to name a few topics.

Truth telling is an act of bravery. We pray for all the Truth Tellers.

1- While many worry that Tucker Carlson was forced by his bosses to throttle down on his J6 videos, the fact remains, a lot of information was still shown to a lot of people. On Friday, Tucker opened his show with this over-view of his work and the reactions to it.

This article below is also a good analysis by Christopher Roach.

Christopher Roach at American Greatness

So Much for Transparency

QUOTE: In an age of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Tucker Carlson’s release of January 6 video is a big step in the direction of undermining trust in an establishment that deserves little.

The Left and NeverTrump Right spent four years claiming “democracy dies in darkness” while extolling the virtues of resistance and transparency. Thus, their extreme overreaction to Tucker Carlson’s acquisition and release of raw video footage from the January 6, 2021 Capitol protests is startling and a bit tin-eared. The leadership basically are saying: “Who you gonna believe, us or your lying eyes?” 

Critics can call this release a lie all they want, but the footage doesn’t lie. In fact, compared to the cherry-picked material already in the public domain, the broader record undermines some of the key narratives Democrats have concocted. For example, Officer Brian Sicknick is seen walking around, apparently in perfect health, after his supposed murder. An alleged violent insurrectionist, the QAnon Shaman, appears being led calmly from door to door by helpful Capitol Police. 

Carlson’s critics from both wings of the uniparty seemed to think they could keep a lid on reality and use their extravagant and overwrought rhetoric about an INSURRECTION to reinforce their false narrative. No such luck. This fragile edifice was already starting to crack before Carlson’s exposé. 

QUOTE: Tucker Carlson is no guy sitting around in his pajamas. He has massive influence, which is why January 6 enthusiasts are so concerned. More important, video evidence is unique, in that it speaks for itself and is, mostly, self-authenticating. The video itself refutes key claims of insiders about the significance, scale, and violence of January 6. 

Government insiders are not merely paranoid, but also seem to think they can put the genie of an engaged, distrustful, and critical citizenry back into the bottle. This seems as unlikely as legacy media turning away from its egregious partisanship. It is certainly possible the regime’s repressive efforts will grow. The nationwide dragnet and harsh punishments of mere trespassers who protested on January 6 has already imposed a major chilling effect on “in real-life” right-wing activism.

But hiding video and then having it released and repeated so dramatically also imposes a cost. It reveals our nation’s leadership class, yet again, as craven liars. And it will only further decrease trust and respect by the citizens for those in power. 

Without the automatic compliance that flows freely from trust and respect for authority, the government will find its efforts more difficult and the need for reliance on force more common. Its chief mode of persuasion will be instilling fear. 

2- Despite being denied all the rights afforded United States citizens under our Constitution, J6 political prisoners have gathered in their Washington D.C. gulag every evening for over 700 days to sing our country’s anthem. It was recorded and made into a moving song and video, with an assist from President Trump.

You can listen here.


Trump and J6 Prison Choir hit No. 1 on iTunes, boot Miley Cyrus

QUOTE: Donald Trump knocked pop star Miley Cyrus off the top of the iTunes chart over the weekend.

The former president’s duet with the J6 Prison Choir called “Justice for All” features Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while his group of background singers — made up of people jailed for their involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot — sing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

The collaboration was No. 1 on iTunes’ Top 100 list Saturday, booting Cyrus’s “Flowers” from the coveted spot. The 2-minute and 20-second ditty remained No. 1 on Sunday. 

Kash Patel, who worked in the administration and remains a Trump ally, told Breitbart News that the ex-president “broke the music industry” because “we put America First values back front and center.”

Patel said the song, available on a number of streaming services since its debut March 3, “speaks to what’s on so many Americans’ minds.”The “official music video” to go with the single was released on the social media platform Rumble on Saturday. 

3- Videos are now on social media showing that on Jan 6, people dressed like Antifa members changed shirts and hats behind trees, to make themselves look like Trump supporters. Did the J6 Committee or the FBI investigate these people?


Jan. 6 Videos Show Antifa Infiltrating Trump Supporters, Trumpers Stopping Vandals

QUOTE: Videos of Jan. 6, 2021, some of which were previously censored, are now circulating online and sparking controversy and shock. The videos show people who appear to be Antifa infiltrating Trump supporters and Trump supporters stopping Antifa vandalism. Another video shows a man who said he witnessed Antifa disguising themselves and saying they wanted to make Trump supporters look bad. The eyewitness further insisted the Jan. 6 protesters committing vandalism were not Trump supporters.

Over 950 Americans were arrested in connection with Jan. 6, per the Justice Department — though not Ray Epps, even though there’s video and text message evidence that he said he helped orchestrate the riot and that he called for storming the Capitol ahead of time.
Many of the Jan. 6 prisoners were deprived even of necessities like basic medical care, and they reported physical abuse. Conditions were (and are) so bad that prisoners petitioned to be transferred to Guantanamo, as they are being treated worse than terrorists.

Those who spread lies about Jan. 6 or suppressed video evidence have a lot to answer for.

4- The left is pushing hard for this method of voting, in all fifty states. Be aware of this and work to fight against it in your state. If the Democrats want this, it is bad.

The Epoch Times

Ranked-Choice Voting: The Latest Elite Fad Pushing Toward Social Disintegration

QUOTE: Enter the latest policy fad being actively pushed, primarily by progressive elites: ranked-choice voting (RCV). The notion of RCV has been around since the 1800s. It was used by the Oscars for the “Best Picture” category before 1945 and by Australia for over a century in federal elections. Historically, use of RCV in U.S. elections was sporadic. Recently, though, two states, two counties, and 58 cities have converted from traditional plurality to ranked-choice systems. Twenty other states are presently evaluating such systems, with the Arizona Senate recently voting to prohibit RCV.

Under plurality voting, the candidate with the most votes wins. Under RCV, voters must rank the initial slate of candidates in the order of their preference. If no candidate receives a majority of over 50 percent of first-choice votes, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and their votes are redistributed to the remaining candidates according to the voters’ second-choice preferences. This redistribution process is repeated until one candidate receives a majority of over 50 percent.

Proponents of RCV argue that the main benefits are that, unlike plurality voting, RCV (i) guarantees majority satisfaction (over 50 percent) with the final winner; (ii) assures that no voter’s preferences are left out in computing the final result; and (iii) it saves money by replacing actual runoff elections with virtual runoff elections that are computed instantly from the ranking of candidates provided by voters on their original ballot.

However, RCV has serious issues. First, the most marginal candidates may end up being the winners. Second, under RCV, it’s possible that increasing the ranking for a particular candidate can actually decrease that candidate’s chances of winning. Third, in practice, RCV ballots are confusing and actually result in an increased number of spoiled ballots due to simple mistakes (nearly 15 percent in New York City’s 2021 mayoral election).

Summing up—at a time when we desperately need to increase confidence in our election system, this elite-concocted solution-without-a-problem will have the opposite effect. Voters will rightly view this system as (i) unpredictable and, hence, untrustworthy; and (ii) yet another violation of their constitutional rights.

5- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr continues to be a strong advocate for every aspect of children’s health. At the link you can watch an interview with him regarding the shocking way injections are forced on our children.

The Epoch Times 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 1): The Dark Secrets of the Childhood Immunization Schedule and the Vaccine Approval Process

QUOTE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the founder and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense and author of “The Real Anthony Fauci,” shares his journey from environmental activist to a fierce critic of the vaccine approval process in this comprehensive two-part interview. Not a single vaccine on the childhood immunization schedule has been tested against a true saline placebo, he argues.

How did we get to where we are today?
How is it that the Bill of Rights was essentially suspended during the pandemic?
And what role did America’s intelligence agencies and military-industrial complex play in all this?

6- Almost nothing happens UNANIMOUSLY in the House much less the Senate, but this, shockingly, did!

PJ Media

Dr. Fauci Should Be Terrified After What Congress Did

QUOTE: On Friday, the House of Representatives voted unanimously to declassify all U.S. intelligence information on the origins of COVID-19.

The bill previously passed the Senate by unanimous consent last week and now awaits President Biden’s signature. He says he hasn’t made a decision yet, but should he sign it, the relevant intelligence would need to be released within 90 days. While the bill doesn’t have an enforcement mechanism, there is nevertheless a significant amount of pressure on Biden to sign the bill, and with unanimous, bipartisan approval, the backlash he could face by vetoing it would probably be significant. Getting this many Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything is a sure sign that there is a strong desire to get to the bottom of COVID origins and hold the responsible parties accountable, and vetoing the bill would only confirm to the voters what they already suspect: that Biden is compromised by China.

I don’t know what Biden will do, but one thing is for sure: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former director of the NIAID, must be feeling the pressure right now. Fauci publicly refuted the lab leak theory of COVID’s origins for over a year and prompted a study specifically to contradict it, even though he’d been told in the early days of the pandemic that COVID-19 had “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered.”

Most Americans already believe that COVID originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Should intelligence confirming this be released, it will no doubt be a problem for Dr. Fauci, who devoted time, resources, and his reputation to discounting the theory. Given the bipartisan hunger to get to the bottom of COVID’s origins, Fauci can’t be happy right now. In fact, I suspect he’s terrified.

Read. Listen. Share. Pray that more lies are revealed

Hold Fast,
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