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We have a little turkey hangover but the news never stops. As we start moving into the Advent season we will keep you up on the interesting events to keep an eye on.

1- Forty-two (42) does not seem like enough.

The Epoch Times 

42 Biden Admin Officials Put on Notice by House Republicans

QUOTE: At least 42 Biden administration officials were sent letters by Republicans on House Judiciary Committee this month as they request testimony from a variety of different White House officials.

Those letters primarily dealt with the suspected politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), investigations into U.S. border security, and Hunter Biden.

A recent letter led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to White House chief of staff Ron Klain requested testimony from Biden administration staffers relating to alleged “misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings.” Interviews from four White House officials were requested.

Around the same time, another letter from Jordan was sent to the Department of Education requesting testimony from three officials, and another letter to the Department of Homeland Security requests interviews from around a dozen administration officials. That includes embattled Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement chief Tae Johnson.

Even more DOJ and FBI officials were asked to testify during the next Congress, according to two separate letters sent by Jordan and others last week. They are seeking testimony from Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Garland deputy Lisa Monaco, and dozens of other DOJ and FBI officials, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of the GOP-backed letters.

It’s likely that Republicans will seek to investigate how the FBI and DOJ handled its investigations into former President Donald Trump and the raid targeting Mar-a-Lago in August. Republicans and Trump have long said the two agencies have exhibited a politically motivated animus toward the former president, coming after Garland announced he had appointed a special counsel, Jack Smith, to investigate him.

2- We expect to see many more wrongful death lawsuits in the coming years.

Nevada Globe 

First Remdesivir Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Nevada

QUOTE: Reno Attorney Joey Gilbert and Las Vegas Attorney Sigal Chattah have filed the first Remdesivir wrongful death lawsuit (see below) in Nevada on behalf of the heir of a man who allegedly died from Remdesivir treatment for his COVID-19 diagnosis. The Sparks Family Hospital, Northern Nevada Medical center, doctors and individuals are named in the complaint. The plaintiff, in part, alleges the following:

• Patient (now deceased) was prescribed Ivermectin and HCQ. Hospital staff were instructed that under no circumstances was patient to be administered   Remdesivir (Veklury) for treatment of his symptoms.

• Staff said that they would comply with patient’s requests but that he could not be given the HCQ or Ivermectin because it was against hospital protocols.

• Doctor ordered Remdesivir despite objections.

• Patient was given Remdesivir and died of renal and respiratory failure a week later.

• Remdesivir is a dangerous, experimental drug

• It is medically unethical, and a violation of Nevada laws, to administer an unnecessary medical treatment.

• It is medically unethical, and a violation of Nevada laws, to administer a medical treatment without informed consent.

In October, attorneys representing 14 families have sued three California hospitals alleging wrongful death in the use of Remdesivir.

In granting the emergency use authorization for the drug on May 1, 2020, the FDA said: “While there is limited information known about the safety and effectiveness of using remdesivir to treat people in the hospital with COVID-19, the investigational drug was shown in a clinical trial to shorten the time to recovery in some patients.”

Chattah told The Globe: “People surrendered their wellbeing to medical professionals, placing their health in their hands. These professionals either knew what the Gilead Sciences studies yielded and ignored it- or they knew what the studies showed and acted deliberately. Either way, thousands of Nevadans died because of medical professionals reckless disregard for human life.”

3- We have been mislead and lied to for two years on ever single major story. The onion is being peeled on the events of January 6. It is happening way too slowly for the political prisoners still caught in this web.

American Greatness 

The ‘Insurrection!’ House of Cards Is Collapsing

QUOTE: The American people should prepare for more stunning revelations about the FBI’s key role in the events of January 6.

Amid bombshell revelations that the FBI embedded numerous informants in two militia groups accused of plotting to overthrow the government on January 6, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally is facing some heat.

During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on November 15, Representative Clay Higgins (R-La.) angrily demanded to know more details about the use of FBI informants related to the Capitol protest. Higgins twice asked Wray whether FBI informants disguised as Trump supporters were planted inside the building even before protesters gained entry.

When Wray offered his usual obfuscating tap dance about protecting sources and methods—”the suggestion that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in some way instigated or orchestrated January 6th, that’s categorically false,” he indignantly insisted—Higgins called his bluff. “It should be a no!” he yelled when Wray wouldn’t give a straight answer.

Ironically, Wray was saved from directly responding by none other than Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-La.), the chairman of the January 6 select committee. One would assume the lawmaker in charge of the 18-month congressional investigation into the events of January 6 would force Wray to respond. Thompson should have been shocked at the suggestion the FBI stationed assets dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol prior to the breach.

Further, given reporting by friendly regime news organizations such as the New York Times confirming the existence of FBI informants months before January 6, Thompson and his fellow Democrats should have blasted Wray for either inept sources or a complete failure to collect accurate intelligence from those informants. Where’s the outrage that Wray concealed this information from the public and various  congressional inquiries?

Wray has misled Congress for nearly two years by insisting his agency was caught off guard by what happened that afternoon—so why didn’t Thompson and committee Democrats condemn Wray instead of rescuing him from a legitimate question?

It was a telling moment.

4- Dick Morris offers a good reminder.

Flag And Cross 

Don’t Let the Media Con You – The GOP Did Not Lose the Midterms

QUOTE: One of the biggest media hoaxes is that the Republicans lost the midterm elections… and that it was a sign voters are tiring of Donald Trump.

The Republican candidates for the House got 52,690,787 votes while Democrats only got 48,096,016 votes — almost a 5 million-vote Republican majority.

This margin of victory, against the backdrop of President Joe Biden’s 7.1 million-vote defeat of Trump in 2020, indicates a 12-million vote shift between 2020 and 2022, the largest gain by Republicans between the presidential and congressional elections going back to before 2000.

We entered the 2022 elections with 22 seats to defend in the Senate, including six vacancies. The Democrats only had to defend 11 seats and had only one vacancy. Despite those odds, Republicans held all but one of their seats.

The only defeat we suffered was at the hands of our own expectations.

Read. Know. Share. Pray.

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