Dear Patriots,

Contrary to most media reports, on May 7, 2022, Sidney Powell cooperated with the House January 6 Committee.

Testifying for more than 6 hours, she provided tens of thousands of documents.

The transcript of her testimony was released last week. While it is long and frankly challenging to read, it provides a wealth of information on all of the activities Sidney was a part of while trying to get the truth of the 2020 election to Americans.

You may read it in full HERE

Here are a few pulled quotes.

1- Sidney Powell is the “A” as in she is ANSWERING a question. “Mark” referred to here is Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff for President Trump.

A:  I remember that one of the things Mark said at some point was “you can’t show an actual vote was flipped. Which I found at the time to be a remarkable assertion.  Because you don’t have to have the gun to see the body lying on the floor bleeding out with five bullet holes in it, was killed by a gun.

It’s – I mean, I was a Federal prosecutor for 10 years.  I represented the United States of America in more than 350 federal appeals.  We had more evidence that this election was stolen than most people are sitting in prison right now on the basis of .

It’s – the fact that people ae just saying there’s no evidence or it didn’t happen is a abject refusal to look at reality with any objectivity and stay the evidence.  And, frankly, it indicates to me some level at which they are either too … too uninformed or too corrupt to be serving in public office.

As I said at the beginning, this crosses party lines.  It goes back to the year 2000 when apparently the Republicans came up with this creative way of using computers to affect voting outcome, and then the Democrats caught on in time to use it with Dominion.

And now nobody wants to upset the applecart.  They want to control the applecart.  And, as a citizen of the United States of America, I find that more than offensive.

2- Testimony by Sidney Powell:

A: I mean there’s nothing more horrible than confronting the possibility that there’s no one elected in the last 20 years that was actually elected by the votes of the voters who voted for them.  And that’s without regard to position, whether it’s dogcatcher or Mayr or Congress or whoever.  I can’t imagine there aren’t Congress people – I mean some obviously know that they weren’t truly elected and then others I would think have to wonder if they were actually elected or somebody installed them.

That’s not the way our country is supposed to work.  And I think it goes back to the year 2000.  I think it goes back to Bush versus Gore.

3 – Testimony by Sidney Powell

AThe Supreme Court, at the very least, should have addressed the Bush versus Gore issues raised.  It should have looked at our complaints alleging fraud and remanded to a district court to actually hear evidence.

I hope you all realize that not a single judge in a single court heard one of our actual witnesses on the mathematical impossibilities, any of the data, any of the statistics, any of the eye witnesses testimony, any of the experts’ opinions.

The only judge that ever heard a witness talk about any of these things was Amy Totenberg in the Curling versus Raffensperger case in which she said it’s not a matter of if it happens, but when.  And everything she lays out in Curling versus Raffensperger happened in the election of 2020.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  And people had been warned about it for 20 years.  So it’s not an accident that what happened in November 2020 happened.  And we’ve got to fix this for the sake of our children and our grandchildren.


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Hold Fast,

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