Over Memorial Day Weekend, Patriots from all over the country will be gathering in Dallas Texas, at the Omni Dallas Downtown Hotel, to hear from an incredible group of speakers.
The Patriots Voice, is putting together a joyous combination of entertainment, information and fun with like minded patriotic Americans. We are not alone and events like this are good for the Patriot’s soul!
Sidney Powell will be there all weekend. She would love to meet and talk with you!
Register now as tickets are almost sold out.
All the information is here:
Go straight to this link to register:
1- The Kraken Logo Contest deadline is passed. We are viewing the entries and will announce the winner soon.
2- Election audits are the only way to restore confidence in our elections. They MUST be done!
The Arizona Audit continues on, despite The Left throwing many wrenches in the works. Please keep our Arizona Patriots in your prayers, they are contining to hold fast!
QUOTE: Arizona Republicans are determined to get to the bottom of voter fraud allegations in Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential election results. As a result, Ken Bennett, who is the state senate liaison and former Secretary of State, assured Arizonans over the weekend that his team will not stop auditing the results until “every” single ballot is counted.
“In the November 2020 election, there were 2,595,272 eligible voters to vote and there were 2,089,563 who voted,” Bennett said in a video posted to social media on Saturday. “And we’re going to verify every…one of them.”
3- Sidney Powell Issues Warning to Patriots…
4- Just a little fun. You may have seen this very odd photo of the Bidens visiting the Carters.
The proportions of the people and the furniture are a true head scratcher!
Of course, people are having fun with the odd photo.
Original Photo: