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Rhode Island


Biden – 307,486 (59.4%)
Trump – 199,922 (38.6%)


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud


Rhode Island has a big white working class population that has been drifting away from Democrats for a decade, and accelerated rapidly toward Trump in 2016. Both Trump and Biden have strong gains here in a state that is tiny, with little population growth overall.


They also stopped the count here – it reminds me of NJ to a degree. Biden is at least 45k votes heavy. Obama -17k in reelection, Clinton -27k in 2016 as Trump gained 23k. This year, it looks like this could have been a single digit race.


They are blowing it over everywhere, 20k excess in Providence, reversing a trend that gets worse when GOP gains.


If Biden is 45k heavy, his margin would be 56.6% to 43.2%, or just 62k votes. If there is electronic vote flipping present and I’m light, this state could have been down to the wire.


Best Targets – everything but Bristol