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Remain skeptical is the best advice we can give now. No matter what the topic, do not believe most of what you hear and read.

1- The far left Democrats on the January 6 Committee have admitted that they are only keeping their scam operation going to get past the Midterm Elections.

The Federalist

Democrats Admit Jan. 6 Committee Is All About Midterms

QUOTE: House Democrats prosecuting political dissidents in the form of the Select Committee on Jan. 6 admitted this week the show trial investigation is all about the November midterms.

On Friday, The Washington Post chronicled the committee’s next steps in a feature headlined “Jan. 6 committee faces a thorny challenge: Persuading the public to care” as Americans lose enthusiasm for severe retribution against those involved with a constitutionally protected rally 14 months ago, who are the true target of the committee’s work as opposed to perpetrators of the Capitol riot.

One lawmaker, the Post wrote, “added that even some of their Democratic constituents have lost interest in the committee’s work because of more pressing issues, like inflation and the coronavirus pandemic.” Americans are now coping with gas prices eclipsing their record peak and compounded by an inflation rate running at a four-decade high.

The Jan. 6 probe, however, is dominating lawmakers’ priorities, including Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney who is one of two Republicans appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to serve on the panel. Cheney, the Post reported, is “spending the majority of her time on the matter, people familiar with her work say,” instead of reclaiming her lost role on the Natural Resources Committee.

In other words, Cheney has devoted her tenure in Congress under the Biden administration to executing a vendetta against former President Donald Trump and his supporters, instead of countering the White House policy running against the interests of her constituents. Nearly half of Wyoming land is under federal oversight, with agriculture and resource extraction serving as two of the state’s primary industries. Its sole member of the lower chamber no longer serves on the premier committee to navigate the myriad public lands issues important to Wyoming voters while President Joe Biden aims to choke off new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

2- This is a great piece by Dr. Malone explaining the many reasons we have to be dubious of the entire medical establishment in America.

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Remain Skeptical My Friend

QUOTE: I’m encouraging us all to bring our own skepticism and curiosity to the present unprecedented moment, in which new Pharma products, such as mRNA vaccines are being consumed by the majority of people in our country, evermore including children. The approval for these products are based upon rushed clinical trials and authorized by an FDA that is now refusing to release the safety data from those clinical trials.  

To be perfectly accurate, the FDA agreed to release the information, but wanted 55-years to do it.  (Google it: “FDA 55 years”).  To be even more accurate, the FDA then asked the Court for 75-years to release the information. Luckily, our courts have not agreed. So, Pfizer has a number of months to now release the data, with the first small bolus released earlier this month.

Unfortunately, the first batch of Pfizer documents released did not cause the state sponsored media to dig deep and do some actual reporting. Instead, those who did report on the contents then were labelled as dealing in MDM (the Homeland Security term for “mis/dis/mal information). It all comes full circle.

Curious?  Skeptical?  You should be. Because the news media isn’t going to do the job for you.

3- Researcher Paul Alexander looks into 44 studies that indicate the Covid-CCP shot was ineffective at best and probably made more people ill.

The Epoch Times

44 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy That Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates

QUOTE: As some people have now been vaccinated for more than half a year, evidence is pouring in about Covid vaccine efficacy. When evaluating vaccine efficacy, it is important to distinguish between efficacy against infection, symptomatic disease, and transmission versus efficacy against hospitalization and death. For infection and symptomatic disease, the COVID-19 vaccines are not as efficacious as hoped, with immunity gradually waning after a few months. For hospitalization and death, immunity is stronger, lasting for at least six months.

The gestalt of the findings implies that the infection explosion globally that we have been experiencing—post double vaccination in e.g. Israel, UK, United States, etc.—may be due to the vaccinated spreading Covid as much or more than the unvaccinated.

Hence, rather than the unvaccinated putting the vaccinated at risk, it could theoretically be the vaccinated that are putting the unvaccinated at risk, but we have not yet seen any evidence for that.

Here I summarize studies and reports that shed light on vaccine induced immunity against Covid. They highlight the problems with vaccine mandates that are currently threatening the jobs of millions of people. They also raise doubts about the arguments for vaccinating children.

4- We continue to fight for our military members who are still fighting the Covid-CCP shot mandates.

Brownstone Institute

The Military’s Abusive Imposition of Mandatory Covid Vaccinations

QUOTE: In the past, the widespread introduction of vaccines has reduced the mortality and morbidity of millions and served as a model for preventative medicine and public health.

However, conditions change when for many a particular vaccine’s risks outweigh the benefits, the primacy of protective natural immunity is disregarded, the legality of the mandates and the accuracy of the evidence supporting them are credibly disputed, and the recipients’ basic human rights are ignored.

Under such conditions, compulsory administration programs are radical and unacceptable.

Military leaders are required to obey the law and should not require vaccinations when their legality and safety, and the accuracy of the data on which the mandates are based are in doubt. The current military Covid mandates are radical because they violate the following fundamental principles:

• First Amendment allowance for religious exemptions
• Fourth Amendment “right of the people to be secure in their persons”
• Fifth Amendment due process and equal protection of the laws
• Nuremberg Code of 1947 against medical experimentation without informed consent, recognized as US law by the Supreme Court
• Hippocratic Oath, which compels physicians to at first do no harm, which involves considering the risks and benefits to the patient prior to any medical intervention
• The primacy of natural immunity for force protection and mission readiness
The purging of healthy and otherwise qualified military members solely because they refuse to take the Covid vaccine impairs military readiness and security and undermines morale.

5. Today, the January 6 trial for Couy Griffin begins.

Please pray for a good outcome. You can get more information about Couy here: Rumble.

Read. Know. Share. Pray. Fight.

Hold Fast,

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