Fighting Mandates

Press Release – Bongiovanni Order on TRO

This week, on April 14, 2022, Defending the Republic will be leading oral argument in a federal courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida on behalf of military service members whose First Amendment rights and religious liberties have been violated by the Department of Defense COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Defending the Republic has asked the court to issue stay, a temporary restraining order, and a preliminary injunction, enjoining the Department of Defense and the respective branches of the armed services from punishing or removing these service members who are forced to choose between the jab and their jobs.

As other courts have observed, the military’s process of denying religious exemption requests to COVID-19 vaccines is little more than “theater.” Our members of the armed forces have put their lives on the line for the American people. They deserve better, and Defending the Republic will be live in court this coming Thursday to make sure the Biden Department of Defense cannot violate their rights of religious freedom.