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Biden – 1,340,383 (56.45%)
Trump – 958,448 (40.37%)


Oregon statewide moved slightly GOP in registration and by default should have been tighter than 10.98% 2016 margin. 30 of 36 counties more GOP in registrations since 2016. How did Trump lose another 5+ points while gaining 176k votes?


Green – Clean
Yellow – Suspect
Red – Obvious Fraud


I estimate 162k excess votes for Biden before even counting Multnomah, led by:
Clackamas – 15k
Jackson – 12k
Lane – 20k
Marion – 17k
Washington – 31k


Biden was +84k in Multnomah after gains of +18k and -5k in last two elections. Estimate 55k there, for total of 217k excess. If correct, would put accurate election tally in state at Biden +7.6% if only considering excess Biden votes in opposition to established registration trends.


Best targets for audits are Umatilla, Linn, Jackson, and Yamhill. Blue states had to be pushed back out to double digit margins to distract from Rust Belt operation.