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Trump – 3,154,834 (53.27%)
Biden – 2,679,165 (45.24%)


OH was a blowout in 2016, higher than most predicted, with the margin slightly lighter this year, but with more votes won by. This state, regionally, is clean, compared to the cesspools that are MI and PA. I estimate Biden to be 88k higher than trends, population growth, previous records, and population growth would suggest.


Red – High Fraud
Yellow – Moderate/Suspect Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


Most curiously (sarcasm), Cuyahoga Co. (Cleveland) didn’t appear to have nearly the level of interest in candidate Biden as Wayne Co. (MI) and nearby Allegheny Co. (PA) did. Biden gained just 18k votes, but with declining voter roll and a solid Trump gain, I still flagged 8k as class yellow.


Franklin is the only red, 15k excess, 19% over Obama ’08 new vote growth with solid Trump gain opposing.


If Biden is 88k heavy, Trump’s margin would have been 9.7% (54.0-44.3), a win of 564k votes.


Best for audits – Butler, Delaware, Licking, Lake, Union, Warren