North Dakota

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North Dakota


Trump – 235,595 (65.1%)
Biden – 114,902 (31.8%)


Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


ND doesn’t give me party registration but has trended heavily GOP since it was within ten points and Obama won Cass (Fargo) in 2008. Fargo is a big energy city, so working classes are pushing away and gravitating to the right – Biden is at least 6k heavy based on recent trends and the inverse drift of the two parties, though growth could be expected with population growth and high turnout – otherwise that could be as much as 10k.


Burleigh has been in an inverse Trend since Obama carried it in 2008, and appears about 2k heavy. All other counties trend clean.


Overall, one of the top 5 cleanest trending states.


Audit – Cass, Burleigh