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There was no point listening to yet another speech by a Democrat, looking you in the eye and flat out lying. But, it is worth our time to listen to the response by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

In her speech she drew the sharp contrast between the two factions fighting for power in America.

“The dividing line is no longer between the right and left, it is between normal or crazy.”

It is an excellent speech and we urge you to listen to it in full.

Govenor Sarah Huckabee Sanders response to the State of the Union Show.

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1- Thank you Senator Ron Johnson for diving into this. We need more information on this as we can not believe anything the FAA is trying to spin. We need to protect people who are flying from ill pilots.
The Epoch Times

US Sen. Ron Johnson Tells FAA: Answer Questions About Pilots’ Health, Possible Effects of COVID-19 Shots

QUOTE: U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is pressing a federal agency to answer questions about pilots’ health following COVID-19 vaccinations.

In a Jan. 27 letter sent to Acting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Billy Nolen and Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup and shared exclusively with The Epoch Times, Johnson revealed that the FAA told him that a change in a heart-test standard for pilots had “nothing to do with COVID vaccinations.”

The Epoch Times reported last week that the FAA’s decision to change an electrocardiogram (EKG) test standard known as the “PR interval,” which was implemented quietly, had generated concern. An EKG reading is an indicator of heart health. By itself, an elevated PR interval doesn’t mean there’s definitely a problem, although several cardiologists have publicly stated that further investigation is warranted at levels above 200 milliseconds. Other cardiologists aren’t so alarmed by the FAA’s changing the acceptable limit to 300 milliseconds.

Some people suspect that the PR interval change was related to cardiac health issues that pilots may have experienced because of the COVID-19 vaccinations. The FAA has declared the vaccines are safe for pilots to use and that they can fly 48 hours after receiving a COVID-19 injection..

The letter asks the FAA to answer eight specific questions by Feb. 10. Johnson wants to know what the FAA has done to investigate the reports of possible COVID-19 adverse events among pilots.

“Please provide all records relating to how FAA made this determination,” Johnson wrote.

The FAA, in its Jan. 20 response to his inquiry about the PR interval change, stated that “new scientific evidence enabled the FAA to safely raise the tolerance used to screen for a certain heart condition.”

But he’s seeking a specific justification for the PR interval change. He also wants the agency to answer the following question: “How many individuals are certified to fly that have PR intervals greater than 0.21 seconds?”

2- Protecting children from harmful propaganda should not have to be legislated but, these days, that is how this rising problem must be addressed.

The Epoch Times 

Pornographic and Racially-Divisive Books Removed From Florida Schools Despite Pushback

QUOTE: Public school districts across Florida are working to comply with several new state laws designed to stop the sexualizing of young school children and the indoctrination of students with racially prejudicial theories.

As a result of the legislation, all books and other materials in school libraries and classroom book collections must be inventoried and reviewed by state-certified media specialists.

Recommended reading lists, newly purchased books, and donated books are also to be scrutinized.

Florida law prohibits K–3 students from receiving any type of teaching or instructional materials dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity.

3- In Canada, they are using trucks to spread the word about Covid-CCP jab injuries. Canada has already paid $2.8 million in compensation.

The Gateway Pundit

Injuries from the COVID-19 Vaccine Are Now Being Publicly Displayed in Canada Using Trucks Driving Down the Street

QUOTE: Since the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine in Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reported that 52,203 adverse events had been documented in its system.

The Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau paid up almost $2.8 million in compensation for injuries incurred as a result of the experimental Covid-19 jabs.

The YANA, “You Are Not Alone ” campaign has launched in Ontario, Canada to spread awareness about the danger of the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Our first truck, showcasing Meredith, rolled onto the streets in Ontario on Thursday, January 19, 2023,” an entry on its website reads. “There are many of us who understand what you’re going through—we’ve grown into a very supportive community. Stay strong—share your stories—we’ll heal together,” said Meredith.

4- It’s a start. But, The Swamp is still very, very deep.

The Gateway Pundit 

House GOP Issues First Subpoenas To Merrick Garland And Christopher Wray

QUOTE: The House GOP is starting to take on the Deep State.

The House Judiciary Committee has sent its first subpoenas to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona.

It requests all communications between the DOJ, FBI, Department of Education, and the National School Boards Association.

The subpoenas are over the school board memo targeting parents.

The memo classified parents as “domestic terrorists” for speaking out against left-wing ideas being pushed in schools across the country.

5- After the clips of the vile Grammy show hit this week, we have to admit that this old Babylon Bee spoof made us laugh out loud.

The Babylon Bee 

In Edgy Grammys Performance, Fully Clothed Woman Sings Beautiful Song

QUOTE: LOS ANGELES, CA – Audiences were shocked at the 63rd Grammy Awards after watching an “audacious”, “daring”, and “edgy” performance by a fully clothed woman who sang a beautiful song. 

“I never knew a person could wear that much clothing at once,” said one attendee of the event. “And her song featured melody, harmony, rhythm, and coherent lyrics. It was one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen.” 

Thousands of conservative boomers celebrated the performance, however, as they had accidentally tuned in because they thought Blue Bloods was on.

“Now that’s real music,” said elderly viewer Frank T. Rutherford. “I didn’t know the young ‘uns knew how to make real music anymore.”

CBS executives have apologized for the “inappropriately decent and appropriate” performance and have promised to add more stripping and profanity to next year’s show.

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