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Trump – 556,846 (58.51%)
Biden – 374,583 (39.36%)


Nebraska geographically is mostly cleanly trended (green), but the major population centers appear 33k heavy for Biden. In a blowout state like this, why would it matter? Because that appears to have swung the NE-2 electoral vote that covers all of Douglas County and part of Sarpy.


I have Douglas 15k high (conservative estimate) and Sarpy 8k high. Ironically, after arriving at those numbers, I saw the NE-2 gap is 23k. Local knowledge indeed needed. Sarpy is 1/3 the size of Douglas but has an equal number of net new registered voters. It wouldn’t surprise me if the parts of Sarpy in NE-2 are being manipulated with registration-wise.


Lancaster (college county) also appears 8k heavy, flagged yellow due to larger population base.


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


If Biden is 33k heavy, an accurate margin is 23.4, or 60.6% to 37.2%.


Best GOP county audit targets – Sarpy


Need to audit – Douglas, Lancaster