By Sidney Powell

Watch the explanation, delivered as only Ms. Pelosi can

When backed into a corner by the truth and caught in their own lies, the Left launches its favorite tactic: Nancy Pelosi’s “Wrap Up Smear” campaign. It’s unfolding right now.

You can watch it in real time. The targets now are me (Sidney Powell) and Defending The Republic.

It’s the same thing they did to General Flynn.  First there are innuendos and vague assertions of improper moral conduct. Then comes the barrage of lies and accusations, of false statements and monetary or other improprieties.  They spread their vile stories through all of the media outlets, led by the Washington Post. You know their plan. They are relentless.

It’s the politics of personal destruction that the Left wages against anyone who doesn’t otherwise succumb to its bullying, intimidation, lawsuits, bar grievances, sanctions motions – anything it can think of to try to destroy a person who dares to stand up on behalf of the American people.

In the “leaks,” conversations, and accusations being spread across the media, many misrepresentations have been made.  Outright lies have been told about me and about Defending The Republic – not to mention breaches of fiduciary and other legal duties.

Know that both I and Defending The Republic will address all valid concerns through appropriate channels in appropriate ways consistent with our obligations to our donors, our fiduciary duties, and to the law.

In the meantime, understand that what you are seeing in the press every day now — spearheaded by the Democratic destruction machine at the Washington Post — is the perfect execution of the “Wrap Up Smear” tactic of the now communist government elites who realize the American people know they are the liars and cheats.

If you missed my important segment on Frank TV, please watch it here.

And remember, as Chuck Schumer said,

“The Intelligence Community has six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”

It’s happening now.

We are going to keep our focus on our work on behalf of the American people on the issues of fraud in the election, restoring election integrity, representing January 6 defendants, and representing members of our military who want to protect their right to choose whether to take a dangerous bio-chemical injection.  We will take the high road.

Arm yourself with knowledge of the Left’s tactics and filter out the noise of all the destructive lies and what seems to be in-fighting. Unfortunately, not everyone who seemed, or may seem, to be on our side — the side of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, and Courage — actually is. Evil has infiltrated many places.  It is showing itself more every day.

We will prevail. Truth is the armor of God. You, the people who have always made this country work, are entitled to the Truth.  We work every day to find that for you, and we are relentless on your behalf.

May we return to God and heal our land.

Hold Fast,