Dear Patriots,

Almost daily, we are seeing little bits of the truth on many different issues finally making their way to see the light of day.

We hope this continues, but faster!

1- Below is a link to Matt Gaetz’s podcast from this past week with three Defending The Republic clients and plaintiffs in Coker v. Austin: – Air Force Captain Jordan Karr,  Army Major/Dr. Samuel Sigoloff and Air Force Master Sergeant Nicholas Kupper.

The focus is on the military purge of Christians and people of faith more generally and how badly it hurts our military readiness and national security. They also lay out, very well, the legal issues raised in our case.

Episode 39: Biden’s Military Purge

Firebrand with Matt Gaetz

Podcast can be accessed here. 

2- Another abnormal issue with the software in Dominion voting machines has been reported in New Mexico. This is the same sort of issue found in the Tennessee Dominion voting machines.

Nick Moseder on Substack 

Same “Erroneous Code” Found In New Mexico’s Dominion Machines!  They Were NEVER Certified By EAC!

QUOTE: New Mexico is currently conducting an audit of the 2020 election. Several auditors, along with independent researchers like Dan Sundin are working diligently to find anomalies in the Dominion Machines. These auditors have been met with great resistance from the corrupt SOS and have had difficulty obtaining all the necessary data.

(It should be noted that 31 of 47 precincts in Otero County were completely missing ALL of their Election Day results).

Despite this obstruction, and failure by the SOS to comply with US code, Dan Sundin and a team of researchers were able to obtain a significant portion of data using a recovery tool. Dan claims that hundreds of issues have already been found, (including the one that I am about to show you).

Remember what we recently learned from Tennessee; that outdated software configurations can cause a misreading of ballots, and creates opportunities for FRAUD!

3- We hope you will pass on this information to anyone you know who is voting in Georgia.

The Conservative Treehouse 

Election 2022, Catherine Englebrecht Outlines Devastating Evidence of Corruption by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

QUOTE: Catherine Englebrecht appeared on The War Room with Steve Bannon to outline the evidence of election fraud that took place in 2020 through the use of ballot harvesting and ballot mules.   The receipts Englebrecht and True The Vote have gathered are the primary evidence in an explosive documentary that is going to be released shortly called “2000 Mules.”

The 2020 vote in key county precincts was manipulated by illegal and fraudulent ballot harvesting.  Wayne county, Michigan; Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania; Maricopa county, Arizona; Clark county, Nevada; Dane county, Wisconsin; and Fulton county, Georgia.  True the Vote has the documentary evidence, and video from the drop boxes, outlining how the ballot harvesting took place.  However, corrupt local and state officials have refused to investigate the evidence because the political scandal is extreme in consequence.

Importantly, during the interview with Steve Bannon, Catherine Englebrecht notes the systemic corruption by Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp, and his entire administration, as one concrete example of the willful fraud that cuts across party lines.

Incumbent Governor Brian Kemp is seeking reelection for the governors office. The primary is May 24, 2022.  He is being challenged by David Perdue, who has been endorsed by President Trump.  Unfortunately, Georgia utilizes an open primary system, in which registered voters do not have to be members of a party to vote in that party’s primary.  It is highly likely, to a predictable certainty, that Democrats in Georgia will be activated to vote for Brian Kemp in May, setting up a general election contest in November between Kemp and Democrat Stacy Abrams who is running unopposed.

Many people have pushed a narrative that essentially says we must move on from the 2020 fraud.  However, there is no moving beyond the illegal activity that surrounds a completely fraudulent election.  The issues from 2020 must be brought to the full sunlight of the American people in order to provide accurate context for all the current Biden administration activity, that, at it’s core, is intended to protect the U.S. government from what took place.

4- Every week, more drips out.

The Federalist 

Emails Surface More Evidence Hillary Clinton Paid For Anti-Trump Disinformation Operation

QUOTE: Evidence continues to mount that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to launder fraudulent opposition research through U.S. intelligence agencies.

Newly published internal emails reveal that before Fusion GPS hired Steele on behalf of the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, the opposition-research firm began peddling several of the same Russia collusion lies that the former MI6 agent would later detail in the Steele dossier. This fact highlights a significant aspect of the Spygate scandal that deserves further focus and condemnation: Democrats’ outrageous exploitation of intelligence credentials and connections to launder scurrilous accusations against a political enemy.

Now, a batch of emails between Fusion GPS and journalists made publicearlier this week in the Sussmann case after the special counsel’s office inadvertently filed them on the public docket suggest Steele was paid for the same reason: his credentials and connections would hide the political nature of the hit.

Those emails reveal that the month before Fusion GPS hired Steele, it had begun spinning the tale that the Trump campaign-connected Carter Page served Russian interests. In mid-May 2016, Fusion GPS’s Jake Berkowitz emailed Slate reporter Franklin Foer about Page. The note, which includes several links with prefatory sentences about Page, reads as a collaborative effort to investigate the Trump advisor.

These emails prove significant much beyond exposing the symbiotic relationship that existed between the Clinton-funded Fusion GPS and the unpaid propagandists in the press. That’s because the timing and targets of the communications indicate Democrats paid for Steele to stamp their opposition research with an MI6 imprimatur.

No wonder Fusion GPS paid Steele. They needed his credential as an MI6 agent to provide gravitas to their opposition research and to hide the Clinton-campaign roots of the attacks on Trump. The Clinton campaign also needed Steele to exploit his government contacts, which the former spy did by passing the dossier off to his handler, his pal Bruce Ohr, and later the U.S. State Department. Steele thus served as a facade for Democrats’ attempt to frame Trump as a Russian patsy.

The email dump earlier this week, which represents but a fraction of “the hundreds” of emails between Fusion GPS and reporters, further reveals this reality by showing that Fusion GPS already had the storyline it paid Steele to compile well in hand before they retained the former MI6 agent. The same could be said for the journalists.

5- It is always good to keep an eye on the Democrat strategy. Apparently, their playbook has one page in it and it is full of names to call Republicans.


Manic Morning Joe’s Advice To Dems: Make People ‘Very Afraid’ of ‘Crazy’ Republicans

QUOTE: On Friday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough’s urgent electoral advice to Democrats was to make voters “very afraid” of the “crazy” Republicans. He and his supporting cast deployed a plethora of related epithets, calling Republicans: “dupes, knuckleheads, weirdos, freaks, loony, kooks, out of their blanking minds, crazy as hell!”

Scarborough said this is so obvious — that it’s self-evident that just calling the Republicans “crazy” is going to offset inflation, rampant immigration, and incessant wokeism.

There was uncontrollable laughter, wild gestures, and bellowing. Donny Deutsch insisted the Republicans had no policies, so they’re the “party of nuts” and the “party of No.” Scarborough wanted to pretend that every Republican is a January 6 rioter warning about Jewish space lasers.

The segment was one part political “strategery,” two parts group therapy for a bunch of depressed Democrats trying to guffaw past the graveyard, consoling themselves over what looks like an impending shellacking by breaking out every slur on Republicans their disturbed psyches could conjure up.

6- Yes, we already knew this. But, it is always good to be vindicated.


Studies prove that most politicians and experts handled COVID terribly

QUOTE: During the 2020 election, multiple public health “experts” claimed President Trump had “blood on his hands” and was responsible for “preventable” loss of life. They expressed confidence that things would improve with a Biden administration, “which is likely to bring a science-based approach to containing the virus.” An editorial in the highly regarded and allegedly apolitical New England Journal of Medicine, wrote that “inappropriate government policies” were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands, labeled the Trump administration as “dangerously incompetent” and directed its readers (without mentioning his name) to vote for Biden who would set things right. Things didn’t work out that way.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just released data showing that 60,000 more Americans died in 2021 from COVID-19 than in 2020. The rate of COVID-19 associated deaths in 2021 rose 20% from 2020, despite the benefit of vaccines that only became widely available in 2021, multiple new therapies, more clinical experience resulting in improved treatment protocols, and a nationwide travel mask mandate imposed immediately after Biden’s inauguration at the beginning of 2021.

The data highlight the failure of policies promoted by experts, in and outside of government, to effectively address COVID. Many of the policies lacked an evidentiary basis. Some ineffective, harmful policies were prolonged for political reasons. We now know that, throughout 2021, the pandemic was mishandled.

The verdict is in: The experts were too cautious in ways that hurt schoolchildren, the economy and the general population without improving health outcomes. They imposed ineffective policies on everyone instead of protecting older Americans and those with co-morbidities who represent the vast majority of COVID deaths.

Candidate Joe Biden opined, “Anyone who is responsible for that many [Covid-19] deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.” It will be interesting to see what President Biden says now.

7- No one is interested in this First Lady.


Doctor Dud: Jill Biden Biography Sells Just 250 Copies in First Week

QUOTE: The American people are decidedly disinclined to pay $26 for a book about the life of President Joe Biden’s primary caretaker. Politico reports that a recently published biography of Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D, sold just 250 copies in its first week of circulation.

The Politico article, which documents the professional anxiety of White House correspondents who find it “boring and difficult” to cover an administration whose policies they wholeheartedly support, cites the poor sales of Jill: A Biography of the First Lady by AP reporters Julie Pace and Darlene Superville as an example of why journalists are so bummed out now that a Democrat is in charge.

Read. Know. Share. Pray. Fight.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic