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It is more important than ever that you stay politically vigilant. This is not the time to take a vacation from caring and fighting the enemies of freedom.

1- In the recent election in Alaska, Sarah Palin fell victim to yet another Democrat voting scam, Rank Choice Voting. Watch out for this ploy in your states. It is great to see elected Republicans saying something about it.

The Epoch Times 

Republicans Issue Statements Against Ranked Choice Voting After Alaska Election

QUOTE: “Ranked-choice voting is a scam to rig elections,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) wrote on Twitter after Wednesday’s results. “60% of Alaska voters voted for a Republican, but thanks to a convoluted process and ballot exhaustion—which disenfranchises voters—a Democrat ‘won.'”

Republican lawmakers have taken aim at the ranked choice system used in Alaska after former governor Sarah Palin lost to Democrat Mary Peltola on Wednesday in a special election.

Peltola, a former state lawmaker, defeated Palin by three percentage points at 51.47 percent to fill Alaska’s only U.S. House seat. Palin received 48.53 percent.

The results mean that Peltola will finish the remainder of the term of Republican Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), whose seat was left vacant after died in March this year. Young’s term expires at the end of this year.

However, GOP lawmakers took to social media this week to slam the voting system used in the election, with some calling it a “scam” that “disenfranchises voters.”

Republican National Committee (RNC) national press secretary Emma Vaughn said in a statement to The Hill that the Alaska special election results “prove what we’ve known all along—ranked-choice voting disenfranchises voters.”

“Our Republican nominees earned nearly 60% of Alaskans’ votes on the ballot, and now every single one of those voters lost their voice to choose their representative in Congress. Alaskans deserve an equal and fair process, two things this special election were not,” Vaughn said.

2- Ballot curing is another method of cheating used by Democrats. After two years, the RNC is finally addressing voter fraud.

The Federalist 

RNC, Other Conservative Groups File Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania For Illegally Altering Ballots

QUOTE: The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Friday that it will lead a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania over the issue of illegally “curing” ballots in elections, a process whereby election workers alter incomplete or unreadable ballots rather than treating them as the law requires.

“The RNC is joining with the NRSC, NRCC, Pennsylvania GOP, and concerned Pennsylvania voters to sue the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for unequal treatment of its citizens at the ballot box. Pennsylvania Democrats, led by Governor Tom Wolf, are unconstitutionally flouting the law by failing to adopt uniform rules for how elections in the Keystone State are run,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in a statement. “This lawsuit will ensure that Pennsylvania voters have confidence in their elections and underscores the Republican Party’s commitment to making it easier to vote and harder to cheat in Pennsylvania and nationwide.”

According to the RNC press release, the lawsuit seeks to challenge “the illegal and unfair practice of some [Pennsylvania] counties allowing voters to ‘cure’ defective mail ballots while others do not.”

Ballot curing is a process by which an election worker adds information to an absentee ballot that has a noticeable defect, such as missing personal information. The law does not allow for anyone but the voter to fill out a ballot. The law says mail-in ballots that are not filled out as legally required must be declared invalid rather than altered by election workers so they can be counted.

Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has regularly blocked efforts by the state’s GOP-controlled legislature to bring transparency and security to state and local elections.

3- It is slow and full of obstacles but voter integrity is the responsibility of the states.  Measures to improve integrity of the vote are being fought for in state after state.

AL. Com 

Alabama voting machines challenged as unreliable in court hearing

QUOTE: Montgomery County Circuit Judge Greg Griffin held a hearing on a lawsuit that seeks to block Alabama’s use of electronic ballot-counting machines in the November election.

Plaintiffs in the case claim the machines are unreliable and susceptible to hacking and tampering that can change election results. They have asked the court to order the state to count ballots by hand through a process outlined in their lawsuit.

Jay Hinton, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told Griffin that the lawsuit is a voting rights case. Hinton said it’s not meant to challenge the outcome of any previous elections but is to protect the constitutional right to have votes counted accurately. Hinton said he did not believe there was a reliable way to use computers in the vote-counting process.

“Hand-counting, it may be difficult,” Hinton told the judge. “But you know what? Constitutional rights are often difficult to preserve.”

4- This is a long but classic Victor Davis Hanson piece that we suggest you read in full. It encompasses many of the stories and situations we have been discussing in this newsletter for the past 20 months.

It is important to understand where we are and how we got here to be able to mount a resistance. Hanson is one of our best thinkers and explainers.

American Greatness 

How Old Bad Ideas Become Wonderful

QUOTE: We in America are regressing—now returning to the distant neanderthal past, now embracing the worst of what the 19th and 20th century had to offer.

There is no end of history. Instead, civilization is a constant fight to embrace what has worked for the common good through the ages—and to reject what in the past has failed abysmally.

Bad and bankrupt ideas, protocols, and ideologies—like McCarthyism, communism, various cults, or fascism—resurface not because of their intrinsic or lasting value or record of success, but because civilizations become less vigilant and allow human vanities, ignorance, arrogance, and evil to reassert themselves.

QUOTE: Look at Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or Iran or the many failed states of Latin America, Asia, and Africa and the message is clear that statism, communism, and socialism ruin societies and render them impoverished and without freedom.

No matter. In America, radical statists in major cities are doing their best to pass rent-control legislation in Florida. Canceling hundreds of billions of student debt by executive fiat is now a serial federal agenda. Nullifying millions of private rental contracts between landlord and tenant is now in the power of the federal and state government. Each new reconciliation bill is yet another socialist success in upping taxation and redistributing wealth, while depriving the individual of freedom, both economic and political.

A $30 trillion unsustainable national debt is no obstacle to printing trillions of new dollars. Apparently, the more money created, the more the poor are likely to have some, and the less the value of the money of those who have too much.


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