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Trump – 756,764 (57.6%)
Biden – 539,398 (41.1%)


Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


MS is one of the cleaner states overall, coming in only about 15k heavy on Biden, without the benefit of party registration to zero in on the numbers. He’s up 11.1% from 2016, in line with states like IA, ID, AR, that came in in line with party/reg trends.


Hinds County trends clean. Other counties growing in population should see some growth, but none high enough to create serious demand for an audit. What I’ve found here are more small counties with stagnant/declining population that have small gains that don’t make much sense – maybe meaning the voter rolls need to be cleaned up.


DeSoto County would probably be worth a look.


Biden appears to be 15k heavy statewide.