Dear Patriots,

This Christmas, we are focusing on HOPE.

We have all been struggling with illness, fear, violence, corruption, lies, frustration, confusion, disasters, and death. Our friends and family, our country and our world desperately need hope.
Jesus IS the only and greatest Hope for our world.We hope and sincerely pray that your celebration of the birth of Christ, which for two thousand years has inspired mankind, gives you the blessing of hope.

For those celebrating Hanukah until December 26, we wish that the miracle of light will give you hope in a dark world.

NOTE: We will post a newsletter on Wednesday, December 28th and will resume our regular schedule on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.   If something big occurs, you will hear from us!
Until then, take a deep breath, enjoy this season of hopefulness.
Enjoy being with people who matter to you and pray for our country.

Merry Christmas 

Defending The Republic