Dear Patriots:Our freedom, in this marvelous country, is not free. It is not easy. It is not without risks. Sometimes we are called to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

On this Memorial Day, we remember the massive sacrifices, over our nearly 245 years, of men and women who have given their very lives to protect our freedom. We remember too, the great loss and sorrow of those they left behind.

Yes, we remember it all. We appreciate all of the selfless acts of courage in the most difficult times for our country.

That is why we fight so hard now. We are fighting to preserve this county as founded. It is not a war in a traditional sense but it is nonetheless a pitched battle for survival.

To lose this war now, would be to tarnish and diminish the sacrifices of our forefathers. 

Our team is committed to fight to save our country. We are actively doing this on many fronts.  And we have just begun to fight.

Thank you for joining us. Thank you fighting along with us.  You provide the motivation, the reason, and the help to keep going.

Enjoy your day with family and friends. Enjoy the first of summer.  We ask that you remember and pray for our country, which is at war.

God Bless America,

Sidney and Team Kraken at Defending The Republic


As you drive around our beautiful country this week be sure to look for our billboards!

Defending the Republic purchased a national billboard campaign, however, 90% of the billboard companies refused to do business with us for various reasons including that our sign was too politically divisive or politically negative.  This is a major breach of freedom of speech.

Nonetheless, 171 billboards have allowed us to pay them for our message.

The sign will read:

Right to Refuse the Jab

If you see one, take a photo and send it to Sidney!

While we are not anti-vaccination, we are against FORCED vaccination by the governments, companies, colleges and public school systems.

We are working on several cases regarding this issue now. As always, we will keep you posted.

For more information on the Covid vaccine issue visit our website: