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Biden – 2,382,202 (65.6%)
Trump – 1,167,202 (32.1%)


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


Dem nominees have been stuck in the 1.9mm range for three consecutive elections, including mega-popular Obama. Since 2016, 11 of 14 counties have trended R in registration, including Suffolk (Boston). State is 1.5% more GOP than 2016, suggesting tightening possible depending on 2016 third party distribution. No counties red since 1988 here, likely would have changed in 2020.


Biden is AT LEAST 235k heavy here, highlighted by Middlesex (50k), Worcester (35k), Norfolk (30k), Plymouth (30k), Essex (25k), Bristol (25k).


Suffolk isn’t far off trend. Dukes and Nantucket are clean, offers clarity on the ground game of fraud, since they’re not on the mainland.


If Biden is 128k heavy, Biden margin would be 63.2% to 34.4%, or 980k votes.