Dear Patriots,

We wanted to give you an opportunity to listen in as Sidney argues on behalf of Cowboys for Trump, in The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Colorado.

This is happening Friday, January 21 at 9 AM Mountain Time, 11:00 AM Eastern and 10:00 AM Central.

This video conference can be watched live on the You Tube link below and there will be audio-only available after the hearing.

The court calendar is attached below.  The arguments are 15 minutes a side.  Sidney is currently scheduled as the fourth case. Another case that Couy Griffin is involved in is being argued third.

For some additional background on this case, please view Defending The Republic’s documentary video:   Political Prisoner: The Couy Griffin Story.

Instructions for listening:

The Tenth Circuit will be providing remote public access to the audio of oral arguments via streaming on YouTube.

The streams are only available on the day of the session, but the audio recordings are posted at the end of the day to this site.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic