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The never-ending harassment of President Trump with law-fare is serious and disturbing.

Sadly, the weaponization of the government through the Justice Department against American citizens is not new to Trump.

In 2014, Sidney Powell wrote the definitive “true crime” novel about the massive corruption inside The Department of Justice.

The book, Licensed To Lie — Exposing Corruption In The Department of Justice, documents the massive abuse by people inside Justice to destroy the largest and oldest accounting firm in the United States, throwing over 85,000 people out of jobs.

Some of the names you hear today were the villains a decade ago— Andrew Weissmann and Lisa Monaco— to name two. They were never held accountable for running amok and so, like an unpunished toddler, they continue to double down on their dangerous and egregious behavior.

When President Trump, complained about THE DEEP STATE, this is what he refers to. The communists are in control of a large section of our judicial system.

We do not have all the fixes for this massive threat to American democracy but we do know that it is vital for as many people as possible to know about it.

That is why Sidney is making available the one book that was a road map to government corruption available to share. We know many of you already have this book. We ask that you buy it and give it others who may need to have the veil of lies revealed to them

Purchase the book here. Special paperback price: $8.95.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Former federal prosecutor under nine US attorneys from both political parties over ten years and three districts, Sidney Powell was lead counsel in 350 criminal appeals for the United States and more than 150 since in private practice.

It was from her experience in several of her cases that she felt compelled to write LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison.

The book reads like a legal thriller, but it names the prosecutors who then rose to positions of great power and the judges who turned a blind eye to their abuses of unfettered power.

1- There are no coincidence.

By Editorial Board Washington Times

Trump indictment confirms Democrats have commandeered our legal system

QUOTE: “All rise” calls the court to order, but Americans should not stand to honor what passes for “justice” in the fresh prosecution of former President Donald Trump.
The indictment of Mr. Trump by his political enemies in the Democratic Party reveals a level of lawlessness that no explanation can validate. As determined as Washington’s governing elites are to shield their power, the people whom they serve are now called to demonstrate matching grit in annunciating the hijacking of justice has gone too far.

President Biden’s Department of Justice has ordered the arrest and appearance of Mr. Trump on Tuesday in federal court in Miami.
There can be no mistake that the move is meant to take out Mr. Biden’s most potent rival in the 2024 presidential election.

Mr. Trump has reportedly been indicted on seven counts involving a violation of the Espionage Act related to his retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida after he left office. The post-presidency possession of classified material — a common occurrence until now — is Democrats’ most recent cudgel for beating back Mr. Trump’s attempt to reenter the White House.

The Trump indictment coincided with the very day that FBI Director Christopher Wray surrendered to Republican lawmakers — under threat of contempt of Congress — a whistleblower statement alleging knowledge of a bribery scheme meant to net Mr. Biden $5 million while he was vice president.

No one would regard the timing as coincidental but a naif so utterly clueless as to notice no connection between the end of the night and the sunrise in the morning.

2- The wrong person is being investigated.

QUOTE: The federal case against Trump now, even if it meets the standard of the law, cannot be divorced from the recent history of election meddling, given that he is the leading GOP candidate against Biden.

Michael Goodwin at NY Post

Justice is hardly blind in the federal case going against Donald Trump

QUOTE: The indictment of Donald Trump is a detailed recounting of his decisions to keep classified documents and to involve others in his alleged refusal to come clean about everything he had.

Based on a grand jury search warrant, federal agents raided Mar-a-Lago and the evidence they gathered was bolstered with FBI interviews of Trump aides, employees and even his lawyers.

Weaving in seized texts and emails from key moments, prosecutors have created a compelling picture of their case, with Trump’s personality and habits of deception coming through loud and clear in the 49-page charging document.

However, I believe that if federal prosecutors had empaneled a grand jury and obtained a search warrant for Joe Biden’s properties and if FBI agents had put his aides, employees and lawyers under oath, scoured their phones and emails and confronted them with evidence to get them to talk, agents would have found that Biden knowingly kept classified documents for many years in his homes and offices, including in the four years between his being vice president and president.

Honest agents unencumbered by any political bias of their own or their bosses’ might also have discovered that Hunter Biden and other family members and associates had access to the supposedly secret documents and possibly used them in drawing up their lucrative business schemes with foreign officials and businesses.

Former President Trump said Saturday he “will never yield” to President Biden’s “Stalinist” tactics, his first comments since the unsealing of a 49-page, 37-count federal indictment on charges of mishandling classified documents.

I also believe that had the Department of Justice empaneled a grand jury and executed a search warrant on Hillary Clinton’s home and offices in 2013 or 2014 and seized her private computer server, phones and electronic devices, along with the devices of her aides and interviewed her lawyers under oath, FBI agents would have found many thousands of unsecured critical documents that were still in her possession long after she left the Department of State.

The federal case against Trump now, even if it meets the standard of the law, cannot be divorced from the recent history of election meddling, given that he is the leading GOP candidate against Biden.

Then there’s the newest dimension to Joe’s likely misconduct — the discovery that the FBI has been sitting on a charge since 2017, and renewed at least twice since by an informant, that he accepted a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian businessman.

Reports say Hunter also got $5 million in the same deal, and there are suggestions the money came from the head of Burisma, the corrupt energy company that hired Hunter for its board of directors and paid him millions while Joe was Obama’s point man for Ukraine.

Where’s the grand jury on that case? Where are the subpoenas for Biden’s bank records and a house raid searching for evidence? Where is the media firestorm?

Nowhere, that’s where, because Garland and the FBI have been sitting on the Biden bribe allegation without either confirming it or dismissing it.

We know the allegation exists only because a tipster told congressional Republicans, who demanded to see the FBI report of the informant’s story.
The possibility of Joe Biden’s guilt has many implications, including the specter that Congress impeached the wrong man in 2019.

House Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call with the president of Ukraine, in which Trump asked for help investigating whether the Bidens engaged in corrupt actions there when Joe was vice president.

It was an unfair, purely partisan impeachment under any circumstances, but even more so if Biden really was guilty of corruption.
Had that been discovered then, Trump would have been re-elected and Biden would be the one facing criminal charges.

3- We will be closely watching to see if this advances.

The Gateway Pundit

Rudy Giuliani DROPS A BOMB: I Have a Witness, Former Chief Accountant of Burisma Willing to Give Up All the Offshore Bank Accounts, INCLUDING THE BIDENS’ ACCOUNTS – HAS ACCESS TO A LOT MORE”

QUOTE: Rudy Giuliani joined Rita Cosby on Newsmax on Saturday morning to discuss the latest Congressional investigations into the Biden Family Crimes.

During the interview Rudy Giuliani DROPPED A BOMB!

Rudy, who warned the American public about the Biden Family’s international pay for play scandals years ago, told Rita Cosby that he has a witness who is the former chief accountant at Burisma who is willing to testify on the Biden crimes. She even has the Biden bank account transactions. She has the receipts!

Rudy Giuliani: It’s extraordinary. I gave them one witness that any investigator would jump through hoops to go to. Gave them a witness who is a woman who was the chief accountant at this crooked company, Burisma. She was the wife of the former owner who died under suspicious circumstances. And, she was willing to give up all of the offshore bank accounts, including the Bidens’ accounts. She supervised the transfer of a lot more cash to the Bidens and other crooked politicians for Burisma.

Rita Cosby: Are you confident that now the House Committee is going to get to the bottom of that? Because that is stunning.

Rudy Giuliani: The reality is that we gave it to them in January of 2020, and the Pittsburgh US attorney was very interested. And then in a very strange move, Barr took it away from him, gave it to the US attorney in Delaware. He didn’t do a damn thing about it. And the woman was under threat of death. So we tried to put pressure on them to do something. Look, suppose she was lying. You would find out in a minute she wouldn’t have the accounts. She either has the goods or she doesn’t. And it’s absurd not to interview her. She claims she had bank accounts and that the Biden’s got a lot more money under the table than already. We had $8 million on the table that we could prove, which they could prove tomorrow if they wanted to they could have proved it three years ago, Rita. They could have indicted him before he ran for president and obviated this problem. We could have found out if he was innocent or guilty in January of 2020. All the witnesses were there, and I have him on tape like Schokin. Schokin was willing to come and testify.

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