January 6th

Dear Patriots,
According to our Constitution, everyone is entitled to a defense when
all the power and might of the United States is brought to bear
against an individual. It’s a fundamental right to counsel long
recognized by the Supreme Court.

Defending the Republic is stepping up to assist as much as we can
with coordination, resources, and consultation with the lawyers who
are defending those still accused and those still incarcerated—and in
many cases, likely wrongly accused of any offense regarding their
presence at, near or in the Capitol Building on January 6.

First, I must note bald-faced lies spread about me. I had nothing to
do with the events at the Capitol that day. I was not in Washington. I
encouraged anyone who would listen—and many who did not—to
leave Washington, to stay out of Washington, and not participate in
any way.

January 6 was too late for people to show their disgust, in
Washington DC, with the obvious fraud in the past election. I fully
expected a “false flag” operation created by someone on the left. It
was a trap for Trump supporters.

I have never encouraged violence. I abhor it. Anyone who accuses me
with “having blood on my hands” or otherwise having any role in
January 6 is lying and defaming me.

Second, those who actually broke into the Capitol, who destroyed
property or stole property, who attacked an officer, should be held
accountable. That said—so should all who burned buildings, looted,
rioted, assaulted police, and took over parts of cities, beat people
and committed countless other atrocities much of the last year of the
Trump administration.

Unfortunately, with the help of Kamala Harris and other now-obvious
communists, most of those who destroyed our cities and hundreds of
millions of dollars of property and livelihoods of others, were
released upon booking.

Ironically, Mr. Biden trespassed on the Capitol when he was 21. He
was arrested and released. Even more ironically, I can remember
being able to walk freely in and out of the Capitol and to watch
important votes and proceedings from the gallery. After all, it is the
“people’s house.”

Now, at least 80 people are still in custody in DC. They and more than
400 others were hunted down by massive displays of “law
enforcement”, and arrested at gunpoint in front of their families, and
jailed for whatever the government says they did at the Capitol.
Of the hundreds now who have been arrested, many were held for
days without being allowed to shower, speak to a lawyer or anyone,
and many more have been held in solitary confinement for days,
weeks, and now months.

They are our fellow citizens entitled to a defense and humane
treatment, yet they have been treated worse than international
terrorists and illegal aliens.

Previously, the ACLU and the UN have said solitary confinement is
torture. It can drive a sane man insane in twenty-four hours. Yet this
is how our government is now treating people who succumbed to an
operation we now know was created, incited and staffed by our FBI.
The January 6 defendants have been abused to shut them up, to
“teach everyone a lesson,” to demonstrate the consolidation of the
evil and power now apparent in our government. Those still in
custody are being held and abused to coerce them into pleading
guilty to crimes they may not have committed and to avoid the
exposure the government has of its own misconduct in creating and
inciting the event.

I just learned last week that now those held are not being allowed to
shave, get a haircut or clip their finger or toe nails unless they submit
to the Covid vaccine which—by the CDC’s own numbers—has killed
tens of thousands of people and caused hundreds of thousands of
others to develop numerous problems.

That is not constitutional in the country I grew up in. It is not
constitutional now.

Americans are facing the unprecedented consolidation of power in
the hands of totalitarian globalists – corrupt dictators – throughout
our government institutions.

This Republic was divined by God. We have unalienable individual
rights endowed by Him. The government is lying to us at every turn,
and it’s using the media to push its lies. God loves truth, and He hates
deceit. We must return to God and work to restore truth, justice, and
righteousness with all that we do. We must stand together, make our
voices heard civilly, and advocate for all that we know is right.
There is nothing right about the way our fellow citizens – even some
who overstepped their bounds – are being treated in federal
confinement in Washington DC.

Defending the Republic will work to correct this injustice on behalf of
all of us.

Hold Fast,

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