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The Professor's Record fights for the right of Jan 6th political prisoners to be free! Stand with all January 6th, 2021 political prisoners and their families. Push back against government tyranny and win back their freedom!
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September 13, 2021
Obey God & Leave The Results To Him
Numbers 13-14

Pray & Work for J6 Prisoners

5:30PM PT Live Now @ThePrisonersRecord

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September 13, 2021
When Patriots At Fort McHenry Gave All To Protect The Flag

America was in protracted conflict with the British in 1814. The British war ships littered Baltimore Harbor to send a downpour of shells and rockets into the fort full of women and children and a few men.

The condition of surrender is simple. Lower the flag and the pounding stops.

The British warships proceeded to pound the fort for 25 hours straight. Though battered and crooked, the flag miraculously stood its ground.

Listen to the story of how America got our National Anthem.




When we give up the symbol of freedom, we cease to be free.

Freedom from government tyranny. J6 Political Prisoners fought it and paid a dear price. We stand and fight with the heroes of J6!

Forwarded from The Professor's Record
Last night I had the honor to meet Kristina Malimon. She and her mother Yevgeniya Malimon were both arrested on January 6th in Washington DC.

Kristina has a court date today. Please pray for her as she works her way through a very corrupt legal system.

They were in Washington DC to support our President, Donald Trump, and to pray for America.

They were falsely accused, and need financial support to fight the legal battles.
Forwarded from The Professor's Record
Many of you know that I am responsible for creating The Prisoner's Record on Telegram, which honors the political targets, prisoners, and released prisoners that attended the January 6th protest.

We write letters to prisoners. We pray for prisoners. We fundraise for prisoners. We advocate for prisoners as best we can.

There is a peaceful rally for prisoners this September 18th in Washington D.C.

The Prisoner's Record has posted about the rally, in part, because the rally supports the very prisoners and families we pray for every day.

Patriots with generous hearts and courageous convictions have organized, and gone to much trouble, to hold this peaceful rally.

I have been asked about my thoughts on the peaceful rally, and whether I explicitly endorse the rally.

Speaking for me, and only me, I will not advise you to go to the September 18th rally, and I will not advise you to not go.

Rather, I would advise you make an informed decision, hearing my concerns, and that you take responsibility for your decision.

Why the elvish advice?

Because the enemy is desperate. And when the enemy is desperate, they like coordinating false flags.

We are peaceful, the enemy is not.

I think the September 18th rally will be an attractive target for Antifa and corrupt undercover FBI agents to harm patriots and the public, with a false media narrative to follow closely thereafter.

I believe this because the media is going out of its way to convince you that leaders of the "Qanon" movement are dangerous, and should be held responsible for the actions of their "Qanon" followers.

And I am starting to see many stories reporting Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, General Flynn, and yours truly, of being leaders of "Qanon."

I don't know what "Qanon" is. I know what the lying media says it is.

Charges in the complaints filed against myself, Lin, and Sidney, include treason, sedition, and inciting others to violence.

Do you see the land mines set?

I do.

I would encourage small peaceful rallies spread far and wide, instead of a large and singularly visible event.

I also believe our hospitals are false flag targets, because "We the People" are waking up to the murderous treatments being administered.

The enemy will need a distraction.

And what better distraction than to blame "Qanon" conspiracy theorists for some tragic event.

I don't have a crystal ball, but past proves future.

We wise. Be peaceful. And to the best of your ability, avoid the traps laid by the enemy. Create new terrain to advocate for prisoners.

If you go into an environment that could be a trap, record and document everything. Pray. Be agents of peace. And be prepared for unjust persecution in the days that follow as the media continues to build its list of patriots they've deemed to be domestic terrorists.
Forwarded from The Professor's Record
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God.
Forwarded from StopHate

Want to listen in on DC District Court regarding a J6er?


This is all public:

Go straight to today:

Pick a date range:

The J6 ones usually start with 21-cr-…:  USA v. …
…but you can cross-reference the last name with the DOJ Capitol cases list:


Once, using the calendar, you’ve found the date, time, and judge; you can get the phone number and access code here:

forward, comment, share, join!
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FBI obtained a search warrant to seize Oath Keeper's Attorney's phone

FBI is getting desperate for evidence to convict the Oath Keepers of conspiracy and sedition. US Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui granted a search warrant allowing the FBI to seize Kelley SoRelle's phone which contained an abundant amount privileged data. Since the Oath Keepers are known for keeping their oaths, perhaps this is why the FBI took SoRelle's phone out of circulation.

September 15, 2021
Standing Telephone Access To Judges' Teleconference

No Video/Zoom access for the general public.

Today's hearing—Victoria White in Judge John Bates' court.

Toll Free Number: 888-278-0296
Access Code: 4416918

September 15, 2021
Prosecutors of Jan 6th Prisoners Cases are Falling Apart

The legal arguments in favor of jailing the January 6 political prisoners continually without trial are falling apart. Defense attorneys continue trying to get even the most serious charges against their clients dismissed. Not the “insurrection” or “sedition” charges. Those actually don’t exist. We still have not, to this date, seen a single person who was charged with taking a gun into the Capitol building (which you would expect in a true insurrection). Nor has any defendant been charged with assaulting a police officer or anyone else. No, the felony charge that is falling apart is the one of briefly interrupting a meeting of Congress during a legitimate First Amendment-protected protest.


September 15, 2021
Interview with Joseph McBride, Attorney for J6 Prisoners

When: Thursday September 16, 2021 at 7PM Pacific Time, 10 PM Eastern.

Where: @thePrisonersRecord Video Chat

Joseph McBride defends several J6 Patriot Political Prisoners against unjust prosecution. He is a veteran negotiator with a proven track record of results.

Joseph is licensed to practice in DC and speaks with us tomorrow night from New York.

Having lived through the wrongful conviction of his younger brother Anthony, who was sentenced to 15 years for a crime he did not commit, Joseph brings the courageous charisma needed to fight against the injustices of January 6th. Joseph knows firsthand the crushing weight of injustice and connects with his clients as a compassionate advocate.

Joseph earned his Juris Doctor at Cardozo Law in NYC where he concentrated on Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Litigation.

September 15, 2021
Patriot Mail Project for January 6 Patriot Political Prisoners

✏️Web site




The Patriot Mail Project has been absorbing all costs of forwarding mail to family and Political Prisoners.

Please support their work by donating. In appreciation for your donation, packages of hand designed postcards by Marie Goodwyn will be sent to you for your writing ministry. Please donate/order here:

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Forwarded from Angel H
New petition due to no one wanted to e-sign on and for our POLITICAL PRISONERS copy and paste link below in your search bar and sign the petition to FREE POLITICAL PRISONERS!
September 16, 2021
Kyle Fitzsimons Hearing today at 11AM Eastern

Bail hearing for Kyle Fitzsimons is at 8AM PT (11 AM ET) today in Judge Rudolph Contreras' court.

Contreras, Rudolph
Toll Free Number: 888-636-3807
Access Code: 8481056

Please pray for Kyle!


It’s about time.