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1- When the crazy people float one of their crazy ideas, the leftist media tells us we are nuts, they would NEVER take our stoves, dishwashers, washing machines or …. air conditioning!
They like to tell us that we will SAVE money with their hair brain schemes. That never happens!

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Biden Regime Announces New Rules Cracking Down On Dishwashers

QUOTE: The Biden administration’s Department of Energy (DOE) has announced new rules cracking down on dishwashers, claiming that they will save Americans over $650 million in annual energy and water bills. However, many are skeptical of the DOE’s claims, arguing that these new rules are just another example of government overreach and unnecessary regulation.

The proposed standards for electric motors, dishwashers, and beverage vending machines are being touted as a way to reduce carbon pollution and conserve energy and water. However, critics argue that these rules will actually do more harm than good, by imposing unnecessary costs on American businesses and consumers.

“The Congressionally-mandated proposed standards for new dishwashers and beverage vending machines and final standards for electric motors are designed to conserve energy and water while mitigating harmful carbon pollution,” Biden’s Department of Energy said in a statement.

Some lawmakers have accused the Biden administration of using these new rules as a way to push their green energy agenda at the expense of hard-working Americans. They argue that the DOE’s estimates of cost savings are inflated and based on flawed assumptions, and that these rules will actually increase the cost of appliances for consumers.

2- Conservatives are increasingly being removed from the public square by authoritarians. Billionaires are protected from all criticism or debate.

Daily Wire

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Activist Arrested After Mentioning Bill Gates’ Ties To Jeffrey Epstein

QUOTE: The head of a conservative group was booted from Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting and arrested Saturday after questioning founder Warren Buffett’s politics and bringing up dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Peter Flaherty, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), had been recognized to speak in support of a proposal to require the roles of CEO and chairman be held by two different people. Both of those titles are currently held by Buffett, and Flaherty argued the Omaha-based company would be less identified with Buffett’s political activities if the chair was independent.

After getting into how Buffett donated billions of dollars to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ foundation, as well as efforts supporting Critical Race Theory and gender ideology, Flaherty said a Berkshire official approached to tell him to stay on topic. Buffett gave him the go-ahead to continue, and that’s when Flaherty mentioned Gates’ ties to Epstein.

“We know how much Bill Gates cares about children,” Flaherty said. “He met and traveled with Jeffrey Epstein many times after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes.”

Video posted to social media shows the audience erupt in boos and some whistling when Flaherty brought up Epstein. Flaherty told The Daily Wire that at some point he realized his microphone had been cut as he continued to speak about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation before two security officials removed him from the venue and Omaha police arrested him. Arrest documents show Flaherty was charged with refusing to comply with a request to leave. He was released on a $250 bond and is expected back in court on May 22.

“I believe I touched the third rail of billionaire relations: Jeffrey Epstein,” Flaherty told The Daily Wire on Monday. With more than a decade of shareholder activism under his belt, Flaherty decried what he said was an “unprecedented” arrest and said Berkshire Hathaway had “no right to silence me.”

3- They chide us that we have to “follow the science” but they HID the science. They hid it, they lied about it, they ignored it. Never forget what the “experts” did to all Americans.

David Zweig on Substack

The Most Important Test You’ve Never Heard Of

QUOTE: In May 2020, Stanford scientists developed a test that could have altered the course of the pandemic response. It was never rolled out.

In spring 2020 the public was bombarded with a message that would soon permanently embed itself into the national consciousness: people without Covid symptoms could unknowingly be infected and—more importantly—transmit the virus to others. This was the justification given by Anthony Fauci in the first week of April 2020 for his 180 on community mask recommendations. “A lot of people who were asymptomatic” were spreading infection, he said, so everyone should wear a mask. A chorus of public health professionals, including Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the FDA, made the same argument. As did the CDC. 

The specter of asymptomatic transmission undergirded not just policies on masks, but on distancing, and quarantines as well. The concept of “silent spread” was so influential that Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, named her book Silent Invasion after it. The entire apparatus of our pandemic response—which, most consequentially, kept millions of healthy children out of full-time school for more than a year—was based on this notion. 

Now, a paper from researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Hospitals, raises an extraordinary prospect: transmission from asymptomatic people is far, far less common than we were led to believe. 

From a special test they developed, the researchers found a remarkable 96 percent of people who were PCR-positive but without symptoms were not infectious.
Most people who don’t have symptoms, of course, are not infected. So the likelihood of someone who is not noticeably sick actually being infected and infectious was exceedingly rare. This means that much of the actions we were told—or compelled—to take, including an acceptance of all those closed or half-empty schools, had little to no benefit.

Worse still, the novel test at Stanford that showed a very low rate of infectious asymptomatic people who had tested positive was available as early as May 2020. Yet the CDC and other health authorities did nothing.

4- If the Brits can pull this off without a problem, we should be able to do so! It isn’t rocket science.

National Pulse 

England Introduced Voter ID This Week. There Wasn’t ‘Mass Disenfranchisement’, Despite Leftist Hysteria.

QUOTE: There were no reports of widespread denial of voting by recently implemented voter identification (ID) requirements in England’s local elections this week, despite left-wing scaremongering, The National Pulse can report.

The decision to introduce voter ID laws follow the practice of an increasing majority of developed nations. Before Britain introduced voter ID, it was the only nation in Europe that did not have any requirements upon entering the voting booth.

Prior to the elections on Thursday May 4th, far-left organizations warned of “millions” of voters being disenfranchised by the move to secure Britain’s elections.

“It doesn’t matter how the government tries to dress it up, these plans will make it harder for working-class, older and black, Asian and minority ethnic Britons to vote,” said the Labour Party’s Cat Smith.

As of Thursday night, however, the goal-posts had shifted significantly, with the leftist Electoral Reform Society’s Jess Garland claiming: “One voter turned away is one voter too many. The Government must take lessons from the problems we’re seeing today at polling stations across the country and face up to the fact that these new rules damage our elections more than they protect them.”

But by and large, there don’t appear to have been “problems… across the country”. In fact, the few people who reported forgetting to bring identification with them were turned around, only to return a few minutes later with the requisite information, per Sky News.

Peter Stanyon, the Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, actually confirmed to the Guardian that there were “no reported incidents of major concern.”

“I’ve been to a couple of polling stations today and it’s going through all very smoothly. There were two voters who had forgotten their ID and were coming back later, but that’s the only two they were aware of,” he said.

“Everyone else is coming to the station with ID ready to show staff. There is no major issues we’re aware of at this stage.”

There were 22 forms of valid ID that met the eligibility criteria; if someone did not possess one of those 22, they could apply for a free voter authority certificate or even send a postal vote.

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