Dear Patriots,

We understand that you are angry.  We are angry too.  

We understand that some of you intend NOT to vote “because it doesn’t matter” … “because the voting fraud issues have not been resolved” … “because RINOs are no better than Democrats” … “because _____ … “because _____”. 
If you choose not to vote because you are in a snit for whatever reasons, that is essentially a vote for Democrats.  
Democrats are counting on many of you giving up. They misjudged that enough of you had given up in 2016 to elect Hillary Clinton. They were wrong then.  Prove them wrong again on November 8.
In Republican primaries a number of incumbent RINOs were indeed renominated.  A number were not. Ask Liz Cheney.  
A number of fresh new Republican candidates ARE on the ballots across America on November 8.  Many are candidates who share your frustrations. They are running for all positions and appear in every city and state. They are determined to bring sanity to The Swamp in the states, cities and in Washington D.C.

Surely, you can find ONE of these brave people in your area and offer to help them. And to VOTE for them!


Could you stand outside a polling place to talk to voters about these candidates? Could you ask the campaign for a voter list to call from your home on Election Day to get people to the polls? Could you send them $10.00 to help fight against the personal attacks in the liberal media?  (This is the only thing the Dem candidates can do now as they have no record of success to campaign on.)
Our representative republic, with all its flaws, is far from perfect; but is still the best model on the planet.

 is the one thing citizens can do to change the direction of our country. It is the LEAST you can do.
And, then get to work gathering your friends and going to every county commissioners meeting to demand paper ballots, hand-counted by precinct and real voter ID.

1- We have the opportunity to make major headway on righting many aspects of American life that are currently Biden disasters.

Majority of Key Senate Battleground Voters Reject Democrat Rule

QUOTE: An overwhelming percentage of voters in Senate battlegrounds states are dissatisfied with the direction of the nation after nearly two years of Democrats controlling the administrative state, legislative branch, and executive branch of the federal government.


Voters’ dissatisfaction with Democrat rule will likely produce a red wave come November 8 in the midterm elections, just 24 days away.


An average of 67 percent of voters in Senate battleground states believe the nation is on the wrong track, according to Civiqs polling. The states included in the sample are Nevada (69 percent), Arizona (70 percent), Georgia (68 percent), New Hampshire (60 percent), North Carolina (66 percent) Ohio (70 percent), and Pennsylvania (66 percent).


Only an average of 23 percent of voters in Senate swing states say the nation is headed in the correct direction. Those states include Nevada (23 percent), Arizona (23 percent), Georgia (22 percent), New Hampshire (26 percent), North Carolina (24 percent) Ohio (22 percent), and Pennsylvania (24 percent).


The polling is compounded by President Joe Biden’s popularity in the battleground states, or the lack thereof. Biden’s average approval rating in seven of the top Senate swing states is underwater by an average of 15 points, a key midterm election bellwether metric that confirms the mood of voters.


One of the greatest reasons Biden’s approval rating is sour is due to record high inflation brought on by massive Democrat spending and the war on American energy. A recent Heritage Foundation study shows Americans have lost $4,200 in annual income since Biden assumed office. Inflation is the number one issue in every Senate battleground state.

2- Far left leaning Politico is ringing the bell on the defeat of the Dem political bench in the Midterms. This is why voting is important regardless of how blue they want you to think your city, county, state or country are.


Future Democratic stars at risk of getting wiped out in the midterms

QUOTE: Democrats elected their political future in 2018. Now, that bench of potential statewideleaders could get wiped out.


The last midterm election saw a slate of Democratic rising stars roll into Congress on a wave of anti-Trump resentment and fundraising prowess built on top of that backlash. Now, with a few House terms under their belts, they are prime candidates to run statewide in the future — but first, they must survive their first election that isn’t dominated by former President Donald Trump.


But much of Democrats’ “Class of 2018” is under threat, staring down a brutal midterm climate in battleground districts, some made more difficult after redistricting, while a handful turned a shade bluer. Presidential approval ratings and historical precedence now weigh heavily against them — instead of working in their favor, as they did in 2018 when Trump was in office. It’s another opportunity to prove their strength and build their political careers, but it’s also a key moment that could knock many off course.

“2022 is 2018 in reverse. It’s a referendum on the president’s job approval, and in many respects, voters are even angrier this year,” said Corry Bliss, who led the Congressional Leadership Fund, the flagship House Republican super PAC during the 2018 cycle. “The 2018 class, despite spending years blaming Donald Trump for everything and pretending to not be Democrats themselves, are actually Democrats. And now, they have voting records.”


It’s a dangerous situation for many of them. It’s also one that will only enhance their electoral resumés if they make it past Nov. 8.

3- There are many reasons to vote for all Republicans on your ballot. Avoiding another communist lock down, masking and vaccinating mandates, is as good reason as any. Having Republicans who make good decision during an emergency is imperative.


We need more leaders like Gov. DeSantis.  Gov. Whitmer and Gov. Hochul need to be unemployed.


‘Pandemic of the unvaccinated’ turned out to be just another Democratic lie

QUOTE: For months, the Left in the United States told us to get the vaccine to prevent transmission of COVID. The vaccine was touted as efficient, effective, and a key to saving lives because it stopped the virus from spreading. But last week, while giving testimony to the European Parliament, Pfizer executive Janine Small admitted that Pfizer did not test to determine whether the vaccine would prevent the spread of COVID. This admission debunked essentially everything the Left told people about vaccination and showed the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative was nothing but another Democratic lie.


“So, there are no misunderstandings: Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?” Rob Roos, a European member of Parliament from the Netherlands, asked. “If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it.”

“No,” Small said. “We really had to move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market.”


The “get vaccinated to save lives” and “trust the science” mantras that dominated pandemic messaging for nearly two years turned out to be a farce. The people promoting the importance of trusting science showed exactly why we should all be skeptical of it. Biden, Democrats, and every leftist who promoted this false narrative and these baseless attacks owe the country, if not the world, an apology.

4- We alerted you to the story of the $1 million FBI bribe last week. Did you notice how the Fake News ignored the government bounty placed on the head of President Trump? Yesterday, Danchenko was acquitted but his trial revealed much, mostly that the FBI is the definition of corrupt government.

Gregg Jarrett lays out the whole case.

Gregg Jarrett

In Danchenko Trial, Durham Exposes How Corrupt FBI Framed Trump

QUOTE: The FBI was so desperate to topple Donald Trump that it secretly dangled an exorbitant reward of $1 million to disgraced ex-British spy Christopher Steele if he would corroborate his dossier that the bureau already knew was phony.  It was the equivalent of a bounty on the head of Trump —an outrageous financial incentive to a notorious fabulist to spin even more lies.

That is just one of shocking revelations in the federal trial of Igor Danchenko —Steele’s primary source— who is charged with lying to the FBI about the dossier.  In the grand scheme of the elaborate and despicable Russia Hoax, it matters little whether the defendant is convicted by special counsel John Durham.  Danchenko is merely the facade.  Behind it, the FBI is on trial for its corruption, malfeasance, and malevolence.

Steele, who was already on the FBI payroll to target Trump, was double-dipping.  He was also being paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign to create the dossier, which was nothing more than a collection of rumors, innuendo, multiple hearsay, and outright lies.  The FBI knew this.

Of course, Steele never collected his $1 million bonus because he could not possibly prove the truth of his smears.  But that did not stop the FBI from using the dossier as the basis for an intrusive and lawless warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate, Carter Page.

If nothing else, the Danchenko trial has solidified proof that the FBI is the personification of corruption in government.  Current Director Christopher Wray is preoccupied with covering up misconduct and has done nothing to cleanup his cesspool of an agency.  It needs to be torn apart —deconstructed from top to bottom— and reconstituted into a new agency that adheres to its original principles of a neutral and apolitical law enforcement agency dedicated to upholding the law.

When the law enforcers become the law breakers it breeds contempt for the law.  Democracy is threatened.  Reverence to the rule of law is lost.
5- For even more information on Danchenko trail and what it revealed, read this.

TechnoFog at Substack 

VA Jury: Igor Danchenko not guilty on all counts

QUOTE: Igor Danchenko has been found not guilty of providing false statements to federal officials in the course of their “investigation” into the Steele Dossier.

When presented with the FBI failures documented during the Danchenko trial (and the Michael Sussmann trial), one can’t help but be reminded of their investigation of the DNC “hack.” Both investigations have similar types of “errors”: the failure to pursue investigative leads and collect evidence, and uncorroborated claims of Russian interference (or collusion) based on information provided by DNC/Clinton “contractors”.

As we’ve seen from the course of this trial, the most important takeaways from this trial have never been the alleged lies. Danchenko himself has long been known as a fabricator, with his deceptions revealed as soon as information on his involvement in the Steele Dossier, his background, and his FBI interviews was released.

What is more important is that which informs our understanding of the Trump/Russia investigation and the FBI/DOJ/Mueller misconduct that sparked Crossfire Hurricane and continued through the Mueller investigation. That information was revelatory. The institutions were on trial alongside Danchenko, with Durham recognizing in closing arguments that “the FBI mishandled the investigation at issue.” And the institutions rightly suffered. Danchenko might have been spared, but is there any reasonable doubt as to the FBI’s incompetence – and guilt?

As always, we ask you to pray for our country, our candidates and those currently being persecuted by communists worldwide.

READ. KNOW. SHARE. PRAY. VOTE on Election Day.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic