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Trump – 554,119 (63.9%)
Biden – 287,021 (33.1%)


Idaho taught me a lot. As I’ve said, it is almost clean as a whistle. More on that shortly.


ID trended exactly as the registration by party data said it would, and this taught me a lot about UT, AZ, and MT. More later.


Ada County, we have a record high Biden vote gain of 45k, when the previous record was 24k for Obama 08. If we assume a fair 2016 amount for Ds in Ada would be about 90k, then this is less ominous. Trump got most 2016 sit-outs back; GOP outregistered Dems in Ada 37k-26k (1.6 to 1 ratio) in last four year… but the % trended slightly D (1.6%).


Bottom Line – I feel Biden is about 15-20k heavy in Ada County.


Yellow – Suspect/Likely Fraud (1)
Green – Clean (43)


This, so far, is my best example of PROPER TRENDING in the 2020 election. Recommend audit for Ada County. If Biden is 15k heavy, margin would be 64.9-31.9% (33.0%).