Dear Patriots,

The Left, with the lock-step cooperation of their Drive By Media allies,  has a skill that they have honed to perfection.

They are experts in removing all opposition, debate or questions when they sense a threat to their hard-left agenda or their lies are about to be revealed.

They don’t have the courage of their convictions and can not defend them in open debate. So they work as one to trash, malign, make ridiculous anyone who raises a hand and says, “Wait a second, I don’t agree with that, it makes no sense, here is another way to look at this.” OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!

At Defending the Republic, we have seen this happen over and over to Sidney Powell.
Generally, most of the efforts of the lying left wing media rolls off like water on a duck, but, some of it accumulates in the public mind. That is the goal of the left.

The piece linked below in The Epoch Times, written by Rob Natelson, is a page out of the left’s playbook. We encourage you to read this as it is important to recognize these tactics. Mr. Natelson does an excellent job of explaining how the techniques are employed by so called journalist protecting the left and trashing the right.

The ‘Woke’ Media Smear Campaign Against Sidney Powell

QUOTE: Powell is a victim of the Distort and Blackout technique. Irresponsible journalists use Distort and Blackout to portray perfectly respectable figures—usually conservatives—as extreme, wacky, or mean.


We are concerned about the ruling on Saturday by US District Judge Lynn Hughes. Judge Hughes ruled to dismiss the case brought by Houston Methodist Hospital workers fighting to keep their jobs while being forced to get the untested, unlicensed Covid-CCP vaccination. The attorney representing the workers are appealing and seek to take this to the Supreme Court.

This is one of many issues of lost freedoms that arose in response to Covid-CCP. Defending the Republic is helping on many of these cases. We also have resources on our website.

Judge Dismisses Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit by Staff of Houston Hospital


QUOTE: Bridges, the lead plaintiff, told The Epoch Times that hospital workers have seen numerous patients who have suffered adverse reactions after getting a COVID-19 vaccine and a number of so-called breakthrough cases, or COVID-19 infections that take place in individuals who are fully vaccinated.

“So it doesn’t protect you from getting or spreading COVID, and the likelihood of a severe adverse reaction is happening a lot right now, so your risk versus the benefits just don’t weigh out. So we’re not comfortable because we don’t want to risk our lives or our future over getting this vaccine that doesn’t even work,” she said.


Late Friday, US Attorney General, Merrick Garland tried to drop a bomb meant to scare the Patriots working in over 13 states to audit the election of 2020.

The threat he made will not scare anyone who knows the Constitution which specifically out lines that the responsibility for elections rests on the states, not the federal government.  This is a sure indication that the left is very nervous about the audits and what they could reveal.

AG Merrick Garland Announces that His DOJ Will Scrutinize Any Post-Election Audits for Evidence of Voting Law Violations!


QUOTE:  The Attorney General says that he and his gang of attorneys and investigators are going to scrutinize every single action taken during these audits to intimidate and prevent audits from taking place.


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Much more news coming this week.

Hold Fast,
Sidney and Team Kraken